UAE Tops MENA Region for Tourism Safety

The UAE ranks first for tourism safety in the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, region, according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017, published recently by the World Economic Forum, WEF.

According to the report, the United Arab Emirates ranked in 2nd place globally for tourism safety, after Finland, and continues to be the most travel and tourism competitive country in the MENA region by far.

"The country’s performance continues to improve overall, rising 1.4 percent in its score since 2015, continuing to offer an outstanding environment for conducting business, health and hygene, ICT readiness and human resources potential," the report added.

Adding further accolades to its enviable track record, the country ranked third globally for air transport infrastructure, preceded only by the United States and Canada.

The UAE came fifth internationally for business environment, preceded only by the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The report is testament to the feasibility behind the vision adopted by the UAE government and its leaders who have recently revealed the nation's plan to become the best country in the world by the time of its centennial in 2071.

UAE Tops MENA Region for Tourism Safety

Source: Emirates247

UAE Tops MENA Region for Tourism Safety

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