Hiba Khamlichi “Measure and Excess” exhibition opens at ARTSPACE Gallery


Under ARTSPACE’s Young Artist Program, “Measure and Excess”, a painting exhibition by Hiba Khamlichi, the award-winning artist from Morocco opened to the public on Tuesday.

The show features the most acclaimed paintings of the 17-year old plastic-art artist whose works were inspired by the movements of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian sport she practiced when she was eight.

“My family really liked the result and asked me every time to make a new painting of Capoeira or rather as I liked to call it “Painting By Abada” since it is the name of the Brazilian Foundation of Capoeira which I was a member,” explained Khamlichi who welcomed guests and art enthusiasts to her opening night.

“Five years later, an American expert in art came to study my artistic approach and told me that I unconsciously incorporate the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series in my paintings. I didn’t know that all the elements of the universe are connected to each other in a way or another, until I discovered the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Ratio, elements that have greatly fascinated me. So my artistic researches are in line to detect new codes and new mysteries related to this Divine Proportion, without forgetting my eternal style Abada,” she added.

Experts described Khamlichi as a “visionary artist, a mediumistic artist, who transmits something of the order of the transcendence....each canvas sheds the chromatic euphoria of a dreamlike escapade”. Others described her work as “an alive symbiosis of art and future”. Since 2009, she has held 47 exhibitions in Morocco and 29 abroad. She is also a recipient of prestigious awards, 11 times among the top three in the world including three Grand Prix.

ARTSPACE, one of UAE’s leading platforms for contemporary Middle Eastern art, is pleased to host Khamlichi’s exhibition as part of the gallery’s Young Artist Program.
“Since 2015, we have began to implement this into our program We collaborate with schools, universities and individual students through talks, lectures or exhibitions; aimed at mentoring young creative minds to push and guide them into a creative direction, should they pursue this path,” according to Maliha Al Tabari , Managing Director at ARTSPACE Gallery.

The exhibition is sponsored by FIM Partners, an alternative asset manager focused on frontier and emerging markets. “Like Art Space, FIM Partners is committed to showing the diverse artwork produced by young artists in the Middle East & Africa. FIM Partners strongly advocates the importance of art and culture in our society, and a community enriched by such, is one that nurtures success and opportunity in business, economics, health and society. We value and embrace the opportunity to grow through innovation and we continue to build and seek commercial and societal relationships with those who share our passion for art and culture in the community,” said Hedi Ben Mlouka, Founder and CEO, FIM Partners.

Measure and Excess will run until October 5 at ARTSPACE Gallery, located at The Gate Village Bldg. 3, Level 2, Dubai International Financial Center.

For more information about the show, please contact ARTSPACE at 043230820 or send email to [email protected].

Hiba Khamlichi “Measure and Excess” exhibition opens at ARTSPACE Gallery