Nestlé Waters is introducing Egypt's first ever 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles!

Can you picture a world where plastic isn't at the root of all evil?

Toxins in the environment are substantially decreased, and sea animals are enjoying their natural healthy lives?

We're ecstatic to be embarking on this adventure with Nestlé Waters and helping to shape a waste-free future!

Nestlé Waters Egypt has made way for the country's first recycled PET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle, which became available in October 2021.

This plastic bottle is produced from recycled PET packaging, which is a high-quality, food-grade plastic that has been recovered and reprocessed.

Despite Nestle's efforts to become a more environmentally conscious company, the quality of water will remain same. The firm claims that the bottles are exceptionally safe to use since it prioritizes the health of its customers and has a strong commitment to providing crisp, clean-tasting water that meets stringent safety requirements.

Nestlé Waters was founded in 1992 and has since grown to become the world's largest bottled water company. Nestlé, which has over 100 production locations in 36 countries, is continually striving to be the best.

Nestlé, as a successful worldwide corporation, has decided to put its wealth to good use! Nestlé has become the first food company in Egypt to introduce recycled plastic water bottles, as part of the firm's global promise to spend $2 billion on recycled plastic that fulfils all quality and food safety standards.

As part of public awareness initiatives, the new water bottles will have a QR code on the label and shrink-wrap. Users will be taken to the Nestlé Pure Life website once the QR code has been scanned for further information on the product, community, and sustainability activities.

Vending machines will be placed at high traffic venues, such as schools and universities where you can dispose of your used plastic bottles. How cool is that?! just loving the whole initiative!

Remember when Nestlé Waters launched the "If it Clicks, It's Safe" ad in 2019?

They were the first firm in Egypt to remove the bottleneck, resulting in the removal of about 240 tons of plastic.

Nestlé Waters has always prioritized innovation and sustainability.

As a result, Nestlé Waters Egypt has always been on the cutting edge of trendsetting efforts that never cease to astonish us with their ingenuity.

Nestlé Waters is introducing Egypt's first ever 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles
Nestlé Waters is introducing Egypt's first ever 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles

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