Burgan Bank Organizes a Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Maintaining its commitment to promoting the health and well-being of its employees


Burgan Bank has organized a diabetes awareness and prevention campaign for its employees, marking World Diabetes Day, acknowledged annually worldwide on November 14th. This initiative falls under the Bank’s social responsibility program and aims at educating employees about the health problems and complications related to diabetes, the key means of preventing this disease, and the best ways to live better with it. Burgan bank has also collaborated with Al-Mutawa Pharmacies to provide diabetes testing for the staff at the head office, and to deliver an awareness lecture.

Commenting on the campaign’s activities, Mrs. Reema Al-Asbahi, Senior Manager of Internal Communication and Employee Engagement at Burgan, said “This initiative reinforces the Bank’s efforts to promote an active, engaged culture of healthy lifestyle among employees. We are deeply committed to translate our firm belief in the importance of employees’ wellbeing into actions aiming at further fostering a healthier, more positive workplace. With about one in 11 people in the world living with diabetes, we believe it is essential to raise awareness on its severity and magnitude among our employees. This action will also contribute to expanding the campaign’s messages outreach within our community and to hopefully mitigating the burden of this major public health problem.”

Ms. Hessa Hussain Al-Najadah, Senior Manager – Corporate and CSR Communications at Burgan Bank, declared “Reflecting a core value of our corporate culture, Burgan Bank has always actively supported its employees’ physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. As a socially responsible financial institution aligned with its core ‘Driven by You’ philosophy, Burgan keeps playing a forceful role in fostering a culture of health and prevention in the community at large, reaching out regularly to all society segments and marking major public health promotion days with impactful actions boosting awareness raising and positive change.”

Burgan Bank will pursue the implementation of its social responsibility action plan focused on social, educational, cultural, and health initiatives supporting community growth and development. Playing a leading role in activating positive change in society, Burgan’s involvement in activities targeting comprehensive health improvement has been effective in promoting community awareness around major public health risks and issues.

Employees taking part in the awareness initiative
Employees taking part in the awareness initiative

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