A deep dive into HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the futuristic tech flagship smartphone with the ultimate Aperture XMAGE camera

Boasting an Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring Design, Ultra Aperture XMAGE Camera, and Ultra-Reliable Kunlun Glass

How often do you come across a smartphone that has it all? A phone with a stunning design, staggering camera system, unbelievable performance and an overall visionary and silky-smooth experience that is mind-blowing. Huawei has designed one.

Introducing the latest iteration to the flagship HUAWEI Mate Series, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro. Dubbed as the futuristic tech flagship smartphone with the best Ultra Aperture XMAGE camera, this premium flagship phone boasts an Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring Design, an astonishing Ultra Aperture XMAGE Camera, ultra-reliable performance, in addition to cool and visionary Super Device features spearheaded by EMUI 13.

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is up for grabs in glass and vegan leather. The glass cover is available in two colours, Silver and Black, while vegan leather version comes in Orange and it is available in Kuwait for pre-orders starting on 15th of December, 2022, at a price of KWD 319.9 along with FREE GIFTS from Huawei’s online platforms as well as certified retailers.

Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring Design

The design of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro oozes with elegance. In addition to the signature HUAWEI Mate Series design language of iconic symmetry and Space Ring Design, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro incorporates a Clous de Paris pattern. Clous de Paris pattern is a time-honoured embossing process that originated in France. With its intricate pyramid-shaped ornamentations, Clous de Paris pattern is a tribute to elegance, perseverance, and classic design. By blending the Space Ring Design with the symmetrical design, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro reveals eye-opening textures under all lighting conditions.

Staggering Ultra-Aperture XMAGE Camera

In a nutshell, this phone takes your photos and videos to the next level! By building four technical pillars: optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing, Huawei has developed a comprehensive mobile imaging solution of its own. Over the years, Huawei has extracted massive samples, integrated global R&D capabilities, and launched the XMAGE imaging technology brand, to blaze a new trail in mobile photography.

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is the first smartphone from Huawei to feature the cutting-edge Ultra Aperture Camera with a 10-size adjustable physical aperture, which incorporates key advances to the optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing. In Auto Mode, the smart aperture adjusts to match the aperture size with the scene and shooting scenario identified. Switching to Professional mode allows you to manually adjust the depth of field and degree of blur.

In portrait mode, the ultra-large aperture primary camera works in tandem with portrait segmentation computing capabilities to apply optical-level background bokeh, making the subject stand out from their surroundings, with smooth skin, a natural skin tone and bright eye effect. In addition, thanks to the powerful light sensitivity of the primary camera and an XD Fusion Pro algorithm, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro captures sharp and detailed night scenes, calibrating the image brightness, cold and warm comparison, and light and dark regions to perfection. Night mode captures photos with highly distinct bright and dark regions, as well as cold and warm colours, even in dim environments. In addition, when shooting in Night mode, the preview image in the viewfinder gradually brightens and clears up with smooth transitions, further enhancing the shooting experience. The periscope telephoto camera supports a zoom range of up to 200x, bringing scenes from the great beyond right in front of your eyes.
Lastly, the wide-angle macro camera magnifies details from tiny worlds, presenting millimetre-level strands and dew droplets with outstanding clarity. The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also supports macro video shooting and macro picture-in-picture (PiP) to accurately convey scenes in motion.

Incredible Top Performance

There are truly fewer feelings worse than shattering the screen of your phone. A smartphone is an essential device for many – and one users take everywhere, even for sports – which means knocking it into something is quite probable; hence, a durable screen is extremely vital. Another industry-first for this flagship is that the ultra-reliable HUAWEI Mate50 Pro Kunlun Glass coating is certified by Switzerland's SGS with 5-star glass drop resistance. The Kunlun Glass coating’s 10-quadrillion level nanocrystals boosts glass durability. In short, users can carry their phone on the go without worrying about dropping it and shattering the screen because Kunlun Glass increases drop resistance by 10 times. The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also supports IP68-rated water resistance of up to 6 metres underwater, allowing it to easily handle wet and dusty environments.

Additionally, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro display provides a window into a crystal-clear world. Combined with the P3 wide colour gamut, fine-tuned colours are calibrated to ensure absolute authenticity. The smartphone comes with a 6.74-inch HUAWEI FullView Display with a screen resolution of 2616 x 1212 pixels and a high refresh rate of 120Hz and 1440Hz PWM dimming to reduce flickering and relieve eye fatigue. Whether users are browsing images or watching videos, each glance is a feast for their eyes.

In terms of battery and charging speed, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro features a 4700 mAh battery within its slim body. The smartphone offers 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge wired and 50W HUAWEI SuperCharge wireless fast-charging solutions to strike an optimal balance between battery life, fast charging, and portability. Moreover, with an innovative low-battery Emergency Mode that activates when the battery level falls to 1%, SuperEnergy Boosting enables the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro to extend standby time by three hours of standby, or 12 minutes of call time.

SuperStorage removes duplicate files in an imperceptible way and compresses rarely used apps. This preserves up to 20GB of space (on a phone with 256GB of ROM), leaving more room for the abundance of photos and videos that today's users capture.

Visionary Super Device features and Streamlined Interactions

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is the first smartphone form Huawei to run on EMUI 13, which streamlines daily interactions with effortless one-touch navigation. EMUI 13 introduces Super Device SuperHub feature, an innovative file transfer capability with the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro. Users can simply press and hold on any text, pictures, videos and files, drag to SuperHub’s floating window to store the files temporary. Users can then switch to another application, select the files within the SuperHub for a seamless cut and paste. With the batch transfer capability, users can also use SuperHub for multi-files transfer between their smartphone, tablet and PC.

On one hand, it improves efficiency and avoids the process of users switching back and forth between multiple applications and duplicating them. On the other hand, the visual presentation of the copied content allows users to freely combine and arrange the copied content, which brings higher information transmission efficiency. With EMUI 13, Multi-Screen Collaboration now also supports Multi-Window on HUAWEI Notepad and the proprietary Mail app. When the smartphone and PC are connected via Super Device, users can now enable split-screen usage of the mobile apps on the PC screen, bringing more convenience when browsing and using apps.

Additionally, EMUI 13 brings enhanced cross-device collaboration capabilities with Super Device, supporting up to 10 types of smart device connectivity combination and collaboration. The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro can connect more devices such as earbuds, smart glasses, smart screens and laptops with a simple drag, bringing together an inter-connected intelligent service across devices. This means that users can enjoy enhanced smart office, entertainment, fitness and travel experience with Huawei's suite of smart devices. With Super Device, Huawei has taken another step forward in achieving the ultimate goal of bringing the Seamless AI Life to consumers.


If you are eager to own the very best of every feature then Huawei has made it easy for you by packing it all into a premium flagship! The Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring Design of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro and its astonishing Ultra Aperture XMAGE Camera, powerful and ultra-reliable performance coupled with the new EMUI 13 in addition to the overall user experience highlighted by the futuristic Super Device features will surely have many hooked.

A deep dive into HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the futuristic tech flagship smartphone with the ultimate Aperture XMAGE camera

A deep dive into HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the futuristic tech flagship smartphone with the ultimate Aperture XMAGE camera

A deep dive into HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the futuristic tech flagship smartphone with the ultimate Aperture XMAGE camera

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