Huawei Gives Immersive Experience To VIP Customers

Huawei CBG held the Huawei Kuwait 2023 Flagship Products Exclusive Preview over the weekend which turned out to be a major success! Customers had more than just a presentation showcasing the specs and technical abilities of the soon-to-be launched flagship smartphone, the HUAWEI P60 Pro! Customers had the ability to enroll for pre-booking AND have been given exclusive offer on their preferred product.

Upon arrival, the customers are greeted with a huge rococo pearl-themed signature board that has the name of the event, where customers can sign and leave notes on the signature board. Moving forward, to the main venue, where it is divided into 2 sections. A section with sofas where the host, Mr. Beshoy Baheeg, the training manager at Huawei, presents the information about the products, while, the other section has a experience area of the upcoming Huawei products like HUAWEI Mate X3, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, HUAWEI FreeBuds 5, HUAWEI WATCH Buds, HUAWEI Watch D, and the star of the show, HUAWEI P60 Pro!

Before starting the session, there are multiple scenarios which shines the light on the specs of the smart devices like taking a photo inside a dark box that shows how the photo can be very clear WITHOUT using night-mode on the marvelous HUAWEI P60 Pro. Or opening the HUAWEI Mate X3 and seeing how slim the smart device is by making it pass through a very tight opening which proves that no other foldable phone is that slim and light weight! Customers enjoyed their time learning and experiencing first-hand with the upcoming HUAWEI devices. Within the venue, there is a photoshoot area where customers can choose up to 3 different backgrounds to take a photo with the Huawei devices and get their photos printed immediately! Speaking of photos, since the event is at the 67TH floor of the marvelous Al Hamra tower, this gave the customers an opportunity to put the strong zoom & night shot feature to the test and the results were gratifying. Using the Macro feature from the back camera zoom, where the customers can clearly see the details of a peacock’s feather.

The last station was the favorite station to many customers, the mini DIY workshop area. Inspired by Rococo Art, each piece of P60 pro is unique with beautiful gradient textures enjoyed as a personalized design. The workshop area allows customers to create their own Rococo Art bracelet or necklace with natural pearls and shiny materials to admire the beauty of this type of art.

Huawei Gives Immersive Experience To VIP Customers

Huawei Gives Immersive Experience To VIP Customers

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