Kababji Ramadan 2014 Suhoor offer

We tried the Ramadan Kababji Lebanese Suhoor tray and it tasted so nice especially the Hummus and Foul that are really so yummy.

The tray consists of Hummus, Foul, Labneh, Karabij, fresh bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and a variety of pies that include Cheese, thyme, meat, Labneh with small olives and Halloum.

The Kababji Suhoor needs 45 minutes to be delivered and they deliver it to you fresh, hot and in the same package as the one showed below.

The price of Kababji tray is 6.95 KD in addition to 450 Fils, delivery charges.

To order Kababji Lebanese Suhoor, call 1861616. You can order starting from 9 pm.

Kababji Ramadan 2014 Suhoor offer

Kababji Ramadan 2014 Suhoor offer

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