KIB promotes customers’ awareness for safeguarding against phishing and electronic fraud

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) continues its commitment to its social role in spreading financial literacy among various segments of society. This comes within the framework of its keenness to educate customers about the risks of phishing and electronic fraud operations, which can violate their privacy and compromise their financial and personal data.

Spreading knowledge about phishing and electronic fraud is part of KIB’s constant support of the “Let’s Be Aware” (Diraya) financial awareness campaign, which was launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) in cooperation with local banks. KIB has been providing financial guidance and advice to assist customers and members of the community in following best practices that contribute to the preservation of their data's confidentiality and prevent them from becoming victims of any phishing, fraud, or identity theft operations.

Mohammed Al-Sarraf, Assistant Manager of the Anti-Fraud Unit at KIB, asserted the importance of exercising caution and vigilance when opening any links or attachments sent via email, text messages, social media applications, or responding to phone calls from unknown sources or unidentified calls that impersonate official or non-official parties. He also highlighted the importance of reporting such incidences by sending a copy of suspicious emails to [email protected]. Al-Sarraf noted that the Bank would never request the sharing of any personal financial information, one-time password (OTP), or other passwords, adding that customers should ensure the authenticity of digital channels and website URLs before proceeding with online payments.

KIB promotes customers’ awareness for safeguarding against phishing and electronic fraud

Al-Sarraf also highlighted the necessity of customers immediately reporting to the Bank any suspicion of a breach, fraud, or unusual activity on the bank account or credit and debit cards. This can be done by contacting the customer service center at the number 1866866 and activating notifications to review the details of every financial transaction, especially payments made through electronic and digital channels.

Al-Sarraf added that customers should ensure the security of their bank accounts with strong passwords and be diligent about changing them regularly, without disclosing or keeping them on their mobile devices. Additionally, they should make sure to have a highly efficient antivirus program installed on their mobile devices and avoid entering account information when using public Wi-Fi provided in locations such as airports and malls.

It is worth noting that KIB is committed to its leading role in educating the community about various aspects of the banking sector, which it considers a fundamental pillar within its comprehensive corporate social responsibility program. The Bank continues to launch initiatives to promote financial literacy on a wide scale and actively participates in related events and campaigns, such as the ‘Let's Be Aware’ campaign.

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