Ooredoo Kuwait Sponsors "Longest Ramadan Iftar Table" in Mubarakiyah

Award-winning telecom leader, Ooredoo Kuwait, continues to deliver on its humanitarian promise, reaching out to the community in creative ways to leave a lasting positive impact and effective social footprint.

Within this vein, Ooredoo Kuwait proudly announced its collaboration with Al-Najat Charity, to Sponser one of the season’s most remarkable events – hosting the ‘longest Ramadan iftar table in Kuwait at Souq Al Mubarkiyah’.

Held last Saturday, this groundbreaking initiative saw over 1500 people gathering to break their fast together, at a table that spread across the entire Mubarkiyah. The festivity offered delicious food and drinks not only to seated guests but also to passersby and anyone in need.

Ooredoo Kuwait Sponsors "Longest Ramadan Iftar Table" in Mubarakiyah

As part of Ooredoo's ongoing partnership with Al-Najat Charity, the event presented a heartwarming moment that brought the community together, fostering a sense of unity and connection. Held especially in Mubarkiyah, a cultural landmark symbolizing generosity and abundance, the event reflected the country's tradition of giving back.

Continuing to dedicate its efforts and resources to support the local community, Ooredoo Kuwait‘s humanitarian efforts present an integral component of its social responsibility agenda. Ooredoo’s recent contribution to the ”longest Ramadan table” initiative exemplifies the company’s sincere commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those who are less fortunate.

Emphasizing the vital role of humanitarian organizations such as Al-Najat in facilitating charity events, donation drives, and event support, Ooredoo extends its gratitude to Al-Najat volunteers for teaming up with volunteers from the company, together dedicating such massive efforts to make the event a success.

Ooredoo further highlighted the importance of humanitarian initiatives in promoting social solidarity, mutual support, and collaborative giving - which aligns seamlessly with Ooredoo's core values.

Ooredoo Kuwait Sponsors "Longest Ramadan Iftar Table" in Mubarakiyah

It serves to note Ooredoo Kuwait's wide-ranging agenda for humanitarian response, which falls under the umbrella of its ongoing partnership with Al-Najat Charity. A leader in technology, nonetheless, Ooredoo Kuwait recently took part in Al-Najat’s "Abshiru Bilkhair" initiative, allowing people to donate to families in need, via SMS, notifications, and social media. This user-friendly approach aims to make it easier for individuals to contribute to this noble cause, securely and conveniently, ultimately improving social welfare and guaranteeing a swifter provision of essential support to those in need.

In conclusion, Ooredoo Kuwait continues to reiterate its commitment to expanding its community engagement program, while further driving innovation in its humanitarian response, aiming to maximize its positive impact. Ooredoo remains keen on upholding its social responsibility, continuously striving to build a more cohesive, empowered and compassionate society.

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