"Gawaza Merry" ... Amazing Comedy movie by Yasmin Abdelaziz

"Gawaza Merry" is the latest movie for the Egyptian Comedian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz who was the main character along with Hassan Raddad and Kareem Abdel Aziz.

The movie was produced by Ahmad and Khaled Al Subki, directed by the director Wael Ihsan and and written by Khaled Jalal.

"Gawaza Merry" duration is about two hours and actually two hours of continuous laughter whereby the story is full of humor and all the events just happen in a funny way.

The movie is still showing in Cinescape and most of the time, all seats are reserved so don't miss the chance and reserve your seat now and enjoy the movie.


"Gawaza Merry" ... Amazing Comedy movie by Yasmin Abdelaziz

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