Whats wrong with KFC in Kuwait?

KFC is the largest chicken restaurant brand in the world, having 15,000 outlets in more than 100 nations serving nearly eight million customers around the world, every day. In Kuwait, there are more than 20 branches all over the country. No doubt that this chain is achieving a great success.

Whats wrong with KFC in Kuwait?

1. In some branches, like the one on gulf street for example, the odor is not always pleasant and can be very irritating sometimes. Just a very easy way to shut your appetite down. I don't know how much effort it needs to make it have a pleasant odor!!

2. The french fries you get in KFC are just like cold and even when their hot, they don't look fresh at all. Its like they fried the same fries over and over again. I just stopped ordering any meal with fries since it isn't that good.

3. Sometimes, you may get a yellow coleslaw that tastes bad like something expired. I mean if they aren't fresh anymore, prepare new ones or at least tell the customer that it isn't available for now.

4. They also make a lot of mistakes in the order itself especially if its delivery. They switch spicy with not spicy or switch spicy mayo with cheese!! Then you will have to accept it if you are hungry or if you can wait, you will have to wait for another 60 minutes before getting the right order.

5. The toilets in KFC are just like the public toilets found on the streets. I just don't know what it will cost if they get a cleaner to keep an eye on the toilet. Sometimes you enjoy the meal, but when its time to wash your hand, you will just feel like you want to faint.

An international restaurant chain with very delicious meals having all these problems. I think the people in charge should consider making some improvements so that they dont loose a lot of customers who adore KFC meals and I am one of them. 

Anyways KFC hotline is 1-888-666 in case you have any complaints. Don't hesitate because its you who will get harmed if you ignored.

Whats wrong with KFC in Kuwait?

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