Dinner at P.F. Chang's - Corniche Club branch

We recently had a family dinner at the great Chinese restaurant P.F. Chang's - Corniche Club branch and it was really an enjoyable experience but we weren't able to take clear photos because of the dark lighting in the corner were we sat.

The welcome service was very good and the waiters and waitresses were really very friendly as well as the supervisor that just kept on going around the tables to make sure everything is Ok.

We stayed in the smoking section in the ground floor since all other tables were full and there were many people waiting beside the reception for a table and it's actually worth waiting.

As for the dinner, we ordered one cup portion of hot and sour soup, spring rolls, fried dynamite shrimps, stir fried rice with shrimp, sweet and sour chicken and chicken stew with almonds and cashew. The stews are served with your choice of white or brown rice.

The food portions are big but as for the stews, the portion of the chicken stew is very big but the portion of rice served beside it is very little so we ordered extra rice.

The taste and presentation of all what we ordered were great and fresh and we highly recommend them. As for the prices, we didn't take note of them but the main dishes are between 3 and 5 KD and our total bill was 30 KD.

And the atmosphere of the restaurant was nice as well especially with the great decor and the sweet music that keeps you in a good mood.

Dinner at P.F. Chang's - Corniche Club branch

Dinner at P.F. Chang's - Corniche Club branch

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