Yummy Shawarma from Al Domary restaurant

We recently ordered Mix Shawarma platter and fried potatoes from Al Domary restaurant that is located in Hawally facing Al - Farabi roundabout.

The Shawarma is so delicious especially if you eat the small sandwiches with garlic sauce and the pinkish chilly sauce. The price of the Mix Shawarma platter is 3.200 KD and it's enough for 3 or 4 persons.

The fried potatoes have a round form like chips and they have a very nice taste. We ordered the large size and its price is 1.500 KD.

Our order arrived within 20 minutes and the delivery charge in Al Domary is 450 Fils. We enjoyed this dinner and we advice you to give it a try.





Yummy Shawarma from Al Domary restaurant

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