Machboos ... a popular traditional Kuwaiti dish

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Machboos is one of the most popular Kuwaiti traditional dishes and it is mainly rice and either meat, chicken or fish and when it comes to Machboos, there is a lot to say but first of all, it is amazing!

As for the rice, the main ingredients are Basmati rice, dried split peas, saffron and rose-water and as for the red sauce served with it, dakkous, the main ingredients are tomatoes, tomato paste, black pepper and garlic.

And as for the meat and chicken, it depends on everyone's personal taste whereby some eat Machboos with beef meat and some eat it with lamb meat while others prefer roasted chicken or fish.

Other than rice, meat and dakkous, Machboos is served with chilli pepper or Maabouj, potato stew and pickles sometimes. Some people also like to add raisins.

The photos belong to Hoof restaurant which is specialized in serving Kuwaiti food.

Chicken Machboos
Chicken Machboos

Meat Machboos
Meat Machboos

Machboos ... a popular traditional Kuwaiti dish

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