A Noisy Iftar at Wok Hay


Few days ago, we had our Iftar at the Asian restaurant Wok Hay that is located on the Gulf Road beside the Green Island.

When we entered, the place was quiet; we chose our table and started choosing our meal from the menu and we ordered Hot and sour soup, shrimp salad, Dynamite shrimp, combo fried rice and Shrimp with Lemon.

All of a sudden, and while we were about to start with the food, a group of 5 girls entered the restaurant and sat on the table that is exactly behind us.

After that, the Iftar turned into something very noisy and pissing off. The girls were talking in a very loud voice, laughing like they are in a comedy show and just having fun as if they own the restaurant and there is no one around them.

Honestly, we were hardly able to hear the music played in the restaurant. That was really a hell of noise and no one gave them a remark.

Maybe the restaurant staff can’t give the customers such a remark, so the problem is with the girls themselves. They are just impolite!

Although we loved the food and the service and the staff, but we left the restaurant with headache … a real headache; even before ordering desserts or taking a rest after Iftar.

But as for the restaurant, we advise you to try their yummy Asian food.

Wok Hay restaurant on the Gulf Road in Kuwait
Wok Hay restaurant on the Gulf Road in Kuwait

A Noisy Iftar at Wok Hay

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