4 ways to get a social life in Kuwait

If you are an expat in Kuwait, it’s known that it’s not easy to make friends and get a social life but there are still some possible ways:

1. Try to make friends at work

Making friends at work is not always as easy as we think even if we work in a company that has a thousand employees and that is due to many factors like competition and jealousy.

But if you are lucky enough, you can become friends with someone that you don’t have a direct competition with.

2. Having a kid at school

Your kids at school can help you make friends in Kuwait. For sure, your son and daughter will have his or her own group of best friends that he or she may visit one day or call to ask about home works for example.

Day after day, the parents will get to know each other and if there is enough chemistry, you may become close friends easily since you also have something in common, your kids friendship.

3. Subscribing to a gym or fitness club

When you subscribe to a gym of fitness club, that means that you will be visiting that place frequently and you have the chance to meet other people that also subscribed and are always going there.

When you see the same people frequently, that will increase the chances of starting a chat and getting to know them more and who knows how it may end up.

4. Go for training courses in Learning centers

Taking training courses in learning centers in Kuwait is also an idea to meet new people and make friends. For example, you can take courses in English, IT, Photoshop or any other field that interests you.

Some training courses last for months and that means that you will meet with the same people many times and for sure, there will be much to talk about.

4 ways to get a social life in Kuwait

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