Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch

Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch

Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch
Al Shahnan General Trading & Contracting Company held the event of the Valvoline launch, which took place at The Radisson Blu Hotel in the presence of Mr. Paul Reynolds – Chief Operating Officer, Mr. G.Saini, Senior General Manager, Mr. Richard Thayne, Marketing Manager, ME & Africa, Mr. Roderick Campbell Maclean, Manager Sales & Business Development, and Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Territory Business Manager, Middle East & Africa.

Mr. Paul Reynolds COO welcomed the guests of Valvoline Lubricant launch event by saying, " Next year, Al Sayer Group will celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

The founder of the business, and our current Chairman, Mr. Naser Mohammed Al Sayer, set the ground rules for how this Company should operate.

He said, “The Al Sayer Group values of honest, trust and personal integrity are at the heart of our business dealings.  We will achieve continuous growth by selling only quality products supported by outstanding service and being acknowledged as the best in the business by Customers, Principals, Employees and the Community.”

Tonight’s launch of Valvoline fits exactly with those sentiments.  As the “World’s First, World’s Finest Motor Oil”, Valvoline also has a heritage of quality and innovation that has kept it in business for 147 years, and we are delighted to be working together with Valvoline Management to provide this outstanding lubricant range to our customers, and through you, to your customers.

Kuwait, like many countries has a highly competitive market place, where everyone is trying to attract the maximum number of customers.

Everyone knows that it is much less expensive to keep loyal customers coming back than it is to find new customers each time.  Customers come back to where they feel they have a good value for money service, getting the product they want for a price they like.

Valvoline is a brand which stands amongst the best. Much more detail of the promotions and the quality of Valvoline will follow, but I can say that it has been tested extensively in this climate and country through our own MNSS garages in all seasons and has performed faultlessly”.

In turn, Mr. G. Saini – Senior General Manager said: "Our efforts have always been to give you the best quality products – with added values & fully supported by an Excellent Service.

While we are aware that cheaper products are available in the market but we at Al-Shahnan along with our Principal – Valvoline Lubricant - have always been looking into Cost – Benefit analysis so that even if our products are little costly on the face value – these will certainly be more economical for you in the long run without compromising the quality aspects as well as optimizing the performance of various type of vehicles & equipments at your end.

We thank you very much for your support for the past many years and we look forward to the same support in future as well”.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Territory Business Manager, Middle East & Africa explained: “Valvoline has a vast range of products to choose from:

1. Lubricants: Synthetics, Semi-Synthetics, Minerals for a range of application in Automotive & Industrial segment

2. Car Care Chemicals (Eagle One Range)

3. Engine Care Chemicals

4. Tectyl Range of protective coatings

These Valvoline products are being imported from US and The Netherlands”.

On his part Mr. Roderick Campbell Maclean, Manager Sales & Business Development gave a presentation on the Valvoline background and range of products, and ended by thanking  Valvoline partner in success the Al Shahnan Co. and Kuwaitis being the premium quality conscious customers, we are sure to provide the best customer care through the Valvoline line of products.”

The promotion was explained by Mr. Mohamed Nasimi, Marketing Manager he added:" Since the last two weeks we started our online campaign with teaser ads, and SMS waves with the message saying “ don't separate two lover’s,  love forever “ to get the public attention and to create a buzz about Valvoline, which we strongly believe that has been achieved.

And as usual, we in Al-Sayer and Al Shahnan Company are looking forward to our customers as partners and assure them of our maximum support and benefits.

For that we have decided to launch a Mega promotion campaign for Valvoline customer

And this promotion campaign will be supported with full advertising campaign covers the ATL & BTL Media channels.

Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch

The Promotion will officially start on 28th March, 2013 and will extend until 28th June 2013. It will be one of the biggest promotion campaigns for Al Shahnan Company whereby it will cover more than 50 co-operatives and puncture shops, Plus Al-Sayer 7 In House Service Centres.

The campaign is as follow: for every 4 litres or more of Valvoline 5w 40 you purchase, you will get 2 coupons and for every 4 litres you purchase of Valvoline 20w 50 you get one coupon which will entitle you for the draw on fabulous gifts Grand Prize – Toyota Yaris 2012 and other valuable gift such as 10 Galaxy Note II, 10 Samsung S3 Mini - 10 Canon Digital Cameras.

The draw will take place on 2nd July 2013 at 6:30 Pm at the Valvoline Center, Canada dry St.".

Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch

Al-Shahnan Valvoline Lubricant Mega Promotion and Launch

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