Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

Last weekend, we visited The Gate mall in Egaila and that was our first visit to the mall.

When we got there, we were surprised to see many malls at that same point whereby Bairaq mall is right next to the Gate, Liwan is behind, Awtad is very close also and the new Sama Mall is just hundreds of meters away.

In short, you can move around these malls by feet.

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

When you get to The Gate, you won't find basement parking like what most of the malls have.

The only available parking within the borders of the mall is the outer parking but it's not that big and not enough for all cars.

This is just a temporary situation whereby they are now building a new parking with several floors.

For now, you have several options.

If you didn't find a parking in The Gate Mall Parking, you can park your car in the parking between The Gate and Bairaq mall but note that it's so crowded.

There is also a big parking around Sama Mall but you will need to walk like 10 minutes to get there.

The last and best option is the Valet Parking service that is available for KD 2 only.

We chose the Valet Parking service to save time, just give them the car then they give you a ticket with a number on it and when you want to leave, send your ticket number by message to 69684371

You need to wait around 20 minutes to get your car so we sent the message earlier so we don't wait for a long time outside.

The service is very good and we got our car on time.

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

As for the mall from inside, you will be surprised to see the big variety of stores and restaurants there to the extent that you feel like the mall is overloaded.

Actually, the design and the fact that the mall is six floors gives you that impression.

As we mentioned, The Gate Mall is six floors but don't be surprised if you see that the last floor is called the second floor.

That is because the mall's floors are divided as follow: Basement, Lower Ground Floor, Upper Ground Floor, Mezzanine Floor, First floor and the last is the second floor.

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

Currently, there is The Gate Festival that gives you the chance to win many prices... how?

If you buy anything from the participating shops in The Gate and your receipt is KD 20 and above, you get a scratch and win coupon.

The Festival will continue until the 20th of September.

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

If you love shopping and want a place having a very big variety of shops and restaurants, we advise you to visit The Gate Mall where you have six floors to walk, shop and enjoy.

Our First Visit to The Gate Mall

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