Romantic atmosphere in Cinescape led by "De Caprio"

The Great Gatsby for the star Leonardo De Caprio is now showing in all Cinescape branches. The movie is romantic, dramatic and kind of gloomy especially at the beginning. The production is really huge, the story is very interesting and beholds a lot of suspense. Further more, the ending is something that you wont expect and has a moral lesson. Don't miss it especially if you are a fan of De Caprio!  

A new Bollywood movie now showing in Cinescape so there is more to expect. The story of the movie took place in Paris between two Indians that met by coincidence and fell in a complicated love story. The scenes are really touching and the storyboard is captivating. Highly recommended especially if you love the City of romance "Paris". 

Romantic atmosphere in Cinescape led by "De Caprio"

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