Great experience at Mado Turkish Restaurant


Mado restaurant is a Turkish restaurant that has several branches in different countries and fortunately, they have a branch in Kuwait in Rimal restaurants area in Bidaa.

Right from our first visit to Mado, we understood why it is popular and loved by people.

We waited for 20 minutes to get a table and we chose to sit outdoors since the weather is now moderate and nice.

The staff at Mado is very friendly and helpful and their service is very good, they just let you feel at home.

As for the food, Mado's menu consists of breakfast, salads, appetizers, local Turkish dishes, lots of sweets especially Dondurma (Turkish ice cream), in addition to international dishes like pizzas and pastas of all kind.

For our dinner, we chose Al Daza and it consists of grilled meat, Taouk and Kafta and it's served with tortilla bread pieces, Batata Harra, grilled tomatoes, mushroom with mozzarella cheese, spinach mix and 3 kinds of sauces.

The dark night lightening outside made us unable to take a clear photo for the Al Daza so we got you a photo from Mado's Instagram so you can see how it looks like.

This amazing dish is a must try at Mado and its price is KD 7.500

With the Al Daza, we advise you to order the 4 kinds of appetizers that include Hummus, Batinjen, Tabbouleh and Mhammara, its price is KD 3.950

Great experience at Mado Turkish Restaurant

After dinner, there is nothing better than Dondurma (Turkish ice cream) to refresh!

This is one of the best ice cream you may ever taste so you MUST not miss it if you visit Mado.

We ordered 4 Dondurma flavors of our choice. .. strawberry, chocolate, pistachio and lemon.

The price of 4 flavors of Dondurma of your choice is KD 3.750

Here is the Dondurma, they serve it to you exactly the same way and style.

Great experience at Mado Turkish Restaurant

If you are looking for a good Turkish restaurant in Kuwait, we advise you to visit Mado for sure and without hesitating!

For more about Mado restaurant in Kuwait, click here

Great experience at Mado Turkish Restaurant

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