Warba Bank upgrades Warba Online & Smartphone Apps

Warba Bank’s five-year strategy (2017-2021) relies heavily on upgrading the bank’s digital database and providing electronic services that meet clients’ needs.

Based on that, the bank has intensified its efforts recently to achieve leadership in offering e-banking services, and has launched a number of advanced services to cope with the technological and digital advancements of the global banking sector, and offer more flexible and easy-to-use transactions that save client's’ time and efforts.

In order to add more flexibility to banking transactions done through the bank's official website ‘Warba Online’ or smartphone apps, Warba Bank improved those transactions, making them clearer and easier to access.


Haytham Al-Terkait, Chief Technology Officer, said on that regard, “The new improvements include adding clear colours around edges and using detailed text written professionally to describe services and answer all clients’ inquiries.”

Al-Terkait added that Warba Bank’s initiative in improving its website and smartphone app helps provide instant service to meet clients’ growing demand, especially that those electronic services are labelled under the ‘express’ label.

Haytham Al-Terkait ... Chief Technology Officer
Haytham Al-Terkait ... Chief Technology Officer

Warba Online services include: opening an express account in five minutes, an express pay service that allows clients to transfer funds from any local bank to their own accounts, and paying credit card dues or Murabaha premiums using ‘Warba Online’ or smartphone app 24/7.

As for the beneficiary express service, it allows the client to add a beneficiary by adding the cell phone number only through the bank’s website or smartphone app.

Clients can also open accounts online such as Al-Sunbula Account and deposits.

Meanwhile, Al-Terkait added that clients can also use ‘Warba Online’ or smartphone app to buy iTunes or Google Play gift cards, or order ‘Eidiya’ via the ‘Ediya Express’ service that can be activated at any branch of their choice.

Other services include ‘Update Express’ that allows clients to upload their Civil ID scan to update their data easily, in addition to ‘Express Chat’ that allows people to communicate directly with bank employees for inquiries.

Express Finance, a service offered as part of Warba Bank’s financing solutions, allows clients to apply for a financing request online and authorize the bank to view their information through CINET by using their e-signature; thereby making Warba Bank the first to offer a banking service based on e-signatures.

‘Cheque Express’ is another special service through which the client can order cheque books and receive it at the branch of their choice.

Other services include ‘The Detailed Account Statement’ (to check bank account activity), ‘Express Transfer’ (to transfer money to more than one beneficiary at once) and ‘Express Access’ that allows clients to access their accounts using the fingerprint feature in their smartphone.

Warba Bank is upgrading all of its services, and has recently launched a WhatsApp service for direct contact with bank employees, in addition to the Apple Watch service that can be accessed using the smart watch.

Warba Bank utilizes all available resources to reach leadership in digital banking sector.

Warba Bank upgrades Warba Online & Smartphone Apps

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