Warba Bank Targets Kuwaiti Society with a Series of Events Centered on Inspiration & Creativity

Warba Bank Targets Kuwaiti Society with a Series of Events Centered on Inspiration & Creativity

Warba Bank congratulates its customers and the entire Kuwaiti community on the holy month of Ramadan, the month of Forgiveness and Mercy. On this occasion, the Bank offers a series of events inspired by the fact that it has built its way with perseverance and has become the distinguished bank that enjoys the trust of customers and shareholders alike. Since creativity is the characteristic of the Bank in all its operations, its activities for the month of Ramadan this year are marked by a spirit of creativity and inspiration aimed to guide the entire community to persevere and strive to achieve their aspirations, and to overcome all obstacles and difficulties.

Accordingly, the Bank offers a consistent set of social events during the month of Ramadan, first of which is a distinctive TV advertisement under the slogan 'How wonderful man is!” which highlights the wonders of human ability to overcome difficulties and confront them to innovate and find solutions. The ad also highlights the experiences of global and Kuwaiti inventors who persevered and strived to make their inventions see the light. Through this ad, the Bank sends an encouraging message to the ambitious Kuwaiti youth to inspire them to believe in their abilities. Faith is the way to innovate, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. In this way, the Bank completes its message launched last year under the slogan 'We are distinguished by solutions' in a TV ad that highlighted the most prominent Arab creative works throughout the ages in a modern way that targeted the Kuwaiti youth since they are the backbone of the society and its bright future. The ad will be broadcast extensively through various media platforms including 'Shahid.net' and Warba Bank's social media channels, including its YouTube channel.

As a culmination of its mission, Warba Bank will meet its customers and all segments of the community in the middle of the holy month for 3 days in Mall 360, where its interactive booth will offer unique technologies in line with the Bank's objective to be a leading institution in digital progress. The Bank's three-day social activities are based on three pillars: innovation, motivation, and support. In the field of creativity, Warba Bank offers a series of videos during the day to the time of (Iftaar) telling success stories of a range of Kuwaiti creative persons. In the evening, in terms of support and motivation, the Bank hosts in its booth a number of Kuwaiti innovators to share their achievements and motivate them to achieve more successes, and to encourage young people to unceasingly and tirelessly move forward with their dreams. In its booth, the Bank also gives a number of social institutions the opportunity to communicate with visitors and highlight their achievements, including CAN Foundation that raises awareness about cancer.

In order to motivate the next generation to develop their mental and creative skills, the Bank organizes an interactive competition for children visitors based on intelligence and ability to connect different elements to solve puzzles on screen. In addition, the Bank's social channels also feature a number of videos based on fasting tips provided by leading specialists, focusing on fasting ethics, dietary advice, and religious advice. This is in addition to a series of information and videos that shed light on Kuwaiti and international inventors whose achievements and creativity are worldwide recognized.

The Bank's activities in Ramadan also include a series of activities for its employees who the Bank deems as partners in its success and it is keen on sharing with them the teachings of the holy month that promote communion and mercy. In this context, the bank has a number of activities during the holy month which will enhance the relations between them. This includes a Ramadan Ghabga (a Kuwaiti banquet) inspired by the Kuwaiti traditions, including generosity and hospitality, and a football tournament.

Through these activities during the holy month of Ramadan, the Bank aims to disseminate a constructive social message inspired by its proven experience. It focuses on the importance of inspiration in transforming the dream into reality and that difficulties can be overcome by finding solutions as long as man is empowered by faith, ability, and patience, which are cornerstones in the teachings of Islam. Islam promotes perseverance and trust in the potential Allah bestowed on man. Inspired by its strife, the bank is keen on inspiring the Kuwaiti society and encouraging it to cling to innovation and creativity, especially as it is a banking institution that has emerged in this society, gained its confidence and owes it all kinds of support.

Warba Bank Targets Kuwaiti Society with a Series of Events Centered on Inspiration & Creativity

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