Warba Bank Launches "Express Bill" for Automatic Payments


Warba Bank, Kuwait’s best investment bank and corporate consultancy institution, is stepping up efforts to develop its digital infrastructure through providing its customers with time-and-effort-saving technological banking solutions that enable them to easily manage their banking operations through online and mobile applications.‎ ‎As a result, the Bank has recently topped its "Express" e-services by launching its new "Express Bill" service for the automatic payment of mobile phone bills. The new service is designed to provide convenience and flexibility to customers' lives as now they no longer need to manage the process every single month.‎

‎Through the new service, Warba Bank's customers can also automatically pay their own monthly bills and those of their family members at once and with a banking process to schedule the automatic deduction of the values of those bills by following simple and easy steps.‎

‎The customer can create, view and edit the "Express Bill" schedules through online banking services. First, the client signs into their online account and then goes to the "Payment Services" section and selects "Express Bill".‎ ‎These steps are followed by creating a new schedule and selecting the account that the customer would like to deduct the bill value from, and then selecting the predefined telephone number, which can be specified in the pre-defined phone numbers section.‎ ‎After that, the customer can opt to pay the bill or re-charge and then they can enter the amount and the payment day of each month.‎ ‎It should be noted that the deduction of the value set in advance by the customer will be automatically done on the fixed date on a monthly basis. This saves the customer the trouble of doing the banking process every time they want to pay their mobile bills.‎

‎In addition, the bank's customer can pay more than two bills via "Express Bill", with a minimum payment of KD 1.00 and a maximum payment of KD 100.‎ ‎The minimum amount of recharge is KD 3, and the maximum is KD 100.‎

Mr. Haitham Al-Terkait, Chief Technology Officer in Warba Bank
Mr. Haitham Al-Terkait, Chief Technology Officer in Warba Bank
‎Commenting on that new service, Mr. Haitham Al-Terkait, Chief Technology Officer in Warba Bank, said:‎ ‎"One of the main bases of the Bank's new five-year strategy (for the years 2017-2021) is the development of the Bank's digital infrastructure by providing sophisticated electronic services that mimic what is most important to the customer. To achieve an advanced position in electronic banking services, the Bank launched a range of advanced services in line with the spirit of the technological era and the digital progress witnessed by the banking sector globally and has become an urgent requirement of customers due to its ease and flexibility in the completion of banking transactions from anywhere, saving time and effort.‎

Al-Terkait added: ‎"The new service comes under the umbrella of a range of Warba Bank's "Express" electronic services, which includes:‎ ‎"Express Share" service, which allows customers to send a transfer request to anyone to enable them to pay using a link sent to their cell phone through an SMS.‎ "Express Pay" service, that allows customers to transfer money from any local bank to their own accounts and pay their credit card dues or Murabaha installments free of charge around the clock.‎ "Express Beneficiary" service, which allows the customer to add a Warba Bank beneficiary by entering their mobile number.‎ ‎Customers can also open online accounts such as the Al-Sunbula Account, Saving Account, Super Saving Account, Term Deposit Account.‎

"Express Update" service, which allows customers to upload a picture of their civil ID’s to update their data. "Express Chat" service, which allows the website's visitors to communicate directly with the bank staff and get answers to their queries.‎ "Express Finance" service, which allows the customer to apply for financing through the website for initial approval by simply using their electronic signature.‎

"Express Check" service, which can be used on the bank's website. It enables the customer to request a cheque book and choose the branch that they want to get it from.‎ "Express Transfer" service, which allows customers to transfer money to more than one beneficiary at once. "Express Log in" service, which is a leading service through smartphones and Warba Online Application through which customers can access their accounts using a fingerprint.‎"

Warba Bank Launches "Express Bill" for Automatic Payments

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