Warba Online for Smartphones, with Monthly Winning Opportunities

In line with its strategy to enhance its digital infrastructure and associated services, Warba Bank has launched the latest marketing campaign related to Warba Online service for smartphones, giving the Bank's customers the opportunity of entering a monthly draw and winning a cash amount of KD 500.

Earlier this year, the Bank enhanced its smartphone application, making it easier and user-friendly, to serve as one of the key channels for customers to complete their transactions so easily. This comes in line with the global trend towards using electronic services over the Web to cope with the spirit of the era and the digital progress at the banking sector globally that has become customers urgent demand to save time and effort.

The campaign will run for four months from August to November 2017. An electronic draw will be held at the end of each month in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry whereby a winner of KD 500 will be captured. Customers will only register and use the Bank's smartphone application to perform their banking transactions then they get the chance to win every time they use Warba’s application. The enhanced application has the strictest security standards in the field of technology, providing protection to users so they remain safe while using the application.

The Bank's smart phone application offers an integrated system of information and services that responds to all customers’ enquiries and helps them perform their banking transactions quickly and smoothly. The application includes full explanation of the Bank's services and products, Warba Bank Rewards programme, a map of the Bank's branches and ATMs, along with a bunch of useful features for customers such as the personal financing calculator, currency conversion, prayer times and links to the social media pages of the Bank.

All Warba Bank's services witness rapid digitization. Warba Bank has recently launched its smartphone WhatsApp service to enable customers to communicate directly with the Bank’s customer service.

Therefore, the Bank would like to invite customers to use its application via smart phones in iOS or Android systems to make the most of this campaign and to get the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes. Moreover, Warba Bank promises its customers that it will continue to provide and design more marketing campaigns for their benefit and meet all their aspirations and desires. This will positively impact the Bank's leading position in the Islamic banking sector.

Warba Online for Smartphones, with Monthly Winning Opportunities

Warba Online for Smartphones, with Monthly Winning Opportunities

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