TSC Hosts Kidz Play Group Nursery Students


As part of its educational program for the back to school season, the Sultan Center hosted the kids of Kidz Play Group Nursery at TSC wholesale store in Al Dajeej. The kids’ tour at the store was led by TSC staff who explained thoroughly about the different range of products on display including vegetables and fruits as well as meat and fish.

“TSC has been playing an active role in Kuwait’s kids’ learning journey throughout the years; we were very glad to see our little visitors’ excitement during their tour, it really made our day” – Jameel Nassar, TSC Al Dajeej Store Manager.

The nursery kids visit to TSC store has helped to create an ambiance of fun and joy among customers. Kids have enjoyed the educational tour which provided them with tips on healthy eating which is considered very significant at this blossoming age.

TSC staff made sure the kids tour is rewarding where they have dedicated giveaway bags filled with healthy snacks to each of them.

It’s worth noting that TSC has been at the forefront in playing an educational role with educating the young generation on the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. TSC is sparing no efforts to make sure it’s the fun shopping experience for both kids and families.

TSC Hosts Kidz Play Group Nursery Students

TSC Hosts Kidz Play Group Nursery Students

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