Heavy Rain Hitting Kuwait - Check Emergency Tips


Update: All schools, colleges and universities will be closed on Wednesday 14/11/2018 and Thursday 15/11/2018 due to bad weather condition and heavy rain that is expected in Kuwait.

KUNA mentioned that heavy rain will be hitting Kuwait this weekend and specifically during today Friday and tomorrow Saturday which will cause unstable weather in the country.

Predictions referred that the peak of rain and storm will be on Saturday night and may continue until Sunday morning.

If you were on the road when the rainstorm starts, make sure you don't stop suddenly and keep space between your car and other cars around to avoid accidents.

If you are at home, make sure you turn off all outdoor lights that are exposed to rain, check all water channels so water doesn't enter your house and call 112 in case of emergency.

If you were in the sea or around, you need to be very careful due to strong wind and high waves and you can call 1880888 emergency number for any help.

Heavy Rain Hitting Kuwait - Check Emergency Tips