... Middle East’s First E-commerce Aggregator Site


Times have changed – and the business of fashion has changed more quickly than most. As we continue to lead ever more time-crunched lives, the pressure on us to keep up with the latest has intensified hand-in-hand with an exponential growth in the amount of information we need to absorb.

New fashion brands arrive on the market like shooting stars – if you’re not looking at the right area of the sky, they’re pretty easy to miss. We’re all for finding an easier way to stay on-trend, and we’re big fans of letting someone else do the fashion leg-work for us. But who’s going to do this for the Middle Eastern market AND make it fun at the same time? – that’s who. 
Founder and CEO, Faisal Al Essa, says “With we’ve taken a fresh approach”, Faisal reports, adding “and we’ve carefully selected the partners we work with. Most of them are already doing business in the region – but none for the region”. ... Middle East’s First E-commerce Aggregator Site is collaborating with the likes of leading online style destinations Farfetch and ASOS, as well as with iconic department stores including Bloomingdales.
Search for that most-wanted fashion item at, and their deep database will curate a selection of options from the world’s leading sites for you to choose from. Search through, and buy direct from your favourite online brands.’s model is simple – and it saves the shopper time. They can now just go to one place and search products, prices and styles. Then buy with confidence.
“Every day we’re adding new brands and new lines. Our customers can think of us like a search engine for the latest in global fashion. There’s always something new on and,” he adds “we’re working on exclusive collaborations for the future too”. is adding a host of engagement features – including a 24/7 radio channel, competitions and games – all of which offer a level of entertainment above other online shopping sites in the region. New products and features will be announced by the company and via social media as they happen.
Rolling the brand out through a series of social media engagements via Facebook, Instagram and Google, will be the region’s first fashion portal to make online shopping a personal experience through targeted marketing and recommendations. ... Middle East’s First E-commerce Aggregator Site

Some of the current commercial partners include:
Hat Country LLC
Smartbuyglasses Optical Limited
Pink Queen
Bloomingdales Australia
Vince LLC
Belle Lily
La Dolce Vitae US
Ross & Snow
PinkClassy USA
Ramy Brook
Blue & Cream
Figleaves US  Bohemian traders
Rebecca Minkoff US
Rebecca Minkoff AU/Asia Pacific
Bad AF Fashion
Beautiful Halo
Loreta Clothing
West Brothers ... Middle East’s First E-commerce Aggregator Site