Warba Bank Launches: “Warba Concierge”

Warba Bank has recently sealed a partnership with Peacock Concierge Group, to be added to its partners’ portfolio, through which the Bank aims at providing customers with top-notch services custom-made to facilitate their lifestyle and cater to their needs. The new partnership is exclusive to Warba’s Al Safwa category customers offering them a wide range of choices to make sure they are best served.

Through a carefully selected professional team, Warba Concierge offers a wide array of most needed services by customers who seek to balance between working hours and life needs to manage their daily commitments. The services range from reminding the customer with his/her daily agendas, providing personal messenger when needed to relieve customers from routine tasks such as: paying bills, permits’ renewal, delivery of gifts, flowers, invitations, papers and documents and finalizing governmental services.

It is worth to mention that Peacock Concierge company takes the exclusivity in facilitating all travel related matters whereas it handles tickets’ issuance, hotels reservations, and visa applications. The Company pride itself to have an exquisite experience in selecting top-notch touristic destinations, restaurants as well as securing tickets for sports and cultural events worldwide.

One of the Company’s privileged service is “Greet & Welcome” provided in most airports around the world to greet and escort the customers straight from the plane to collect luggage and leave airport. For further privacy, the Company facilitate all matters related to renting various luxurious means of transport including yachts and private jets.

Warba Concierge provides personal assistant around the clock even during holidays, offered by a highly professional team which grants Al Safwa customers a perfect privacy.

Commenting on the new service, Mr. Abdullah Nasser Al Shoail, Senior Director - Branches Department at Warba Bank said: “Our cooperation with Peacock Concierge is an added value and rewarding to our customers topping their lives with unique luxury”. He added: “our prime objective out of this new partnership, is to fulfill our commitment to continuously provide our customers with peace in mind services, while distinguishing them with all needed high-quality support and comfort whether they are in Kuwait or abroad”.

From his end, Mr. Hassan Al Suwaidi, CEO of Peacock Concierge Group said: “We are proud to partner with Warba Bank as a privileged addition to our partners’ list. It’s our utmost pleasure to provide Warba Bank’s Al Safwa customers with unparalleled luxurious services delivered by highly experienced team who is well trained to consider each tiny detail in customers’ requests”.

Warba Bank Launches: “Warba Concierge”

Warba Bank Launches: “Warba Concierge”

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