"My Budget" ... An Exclusive Service from Warba Bank


Warba Bank has recently announced the launch of “My Budget”, a new service available on its application enabling customers to determine his/her monthly expenses’ plan and control it easily and fast through a constant following up on the actual expenses, comparing them with pre-set amounts for each item then accordingly take the right decision to control his/her monthly budget.

Commenting on the new service, Mohamed Atef Al-Shareef, Chief Strategy and Digitation Officer at Warba Bank , said: “The launch of “My Budget” is another milestone achieved by “Warba Bank” under the framework of its championship of digital solutions and services catering perfectly to customers banking needs”; he added: “We are keeping up with global developments in the banking industry, and promise more services and products in the near future which we are confident these satisfy our prime objective to make our customers’ lives even much easier and more comfortable ”.

“My Budget”, enables Warba customers to set their private budgets easily and quickly by following few steps; first the customer should click on “My Budget” icon on the smart platform or choose the service from the services’ page, then choose the “set up” option, the convenient date from 1 till 28 of the month to start the monthly budget plan, compare it with expenses for the same period then choose the amount for each item by clicking (+)/ (-) or by entering the required amount using the keyboard and finally save the changes.

Moreover, “My Budget” by Warba Bank is privileged with special features where it helps the customer to follow up the pre-set monthly plan, compare it with actual expenses and save the monthly plan prior to implementation with the ability to amend at any time; should the customer exceeds the pre-set amount of expenses, My Budget helps the customer to maintain his/her plan.
Al-Shareef stressed: “Through this innovative service, Warba Bank reinforces its leading position in providing top-notch banking solutions, while keeping abreast to technical developments in the banking industry to further cater to customers’ needs”.

It’s noteworthy that Warba Bank intensively invests in leading digital solutions which enable customers to use banking innovations to perform their transactions and fulfill their long-term objectives. Warba Bank has been succeeding in enabling customers to benefit of the best-ever banking services and products and to avail from the new opportunities thus facilitating their transactions and business activities.

Al-Shareef further elaborated: “Warba Bank continues its digital transformation through creating unparalleled services and products, achieving highest standards of efficiency and optimal resources utilization while continuing our journey to achieve and enhance the values of innovation, excellence, leadership, partnership and accountability.”

Al-Shareef added: “Our digital transformation is heading quickly but steadily; so far, we have offered innovative modern financial services and products to the market through our digital factory “Al Wateen” which has achieved unparalleled and unprecedent success generating its first output; the totally revamped app”.

He added: “in-light of the fast-digital developments worldwide, banks are facing increasing challenges and are committed to keeping abreast with the technical advancements in banking industry; at Warba Bank, we are committed to launching digital services at the highest information safety and security standards to maintain customers privacy and confidentiality; the core of customers attraction to digital services. we believe the more customers feel safe and secure about their financial information, the more the traffic towards digital services”.

"My Budget" ... An Exclusive Service from Warba Bank

"My Budget" ... An Exclusive Service from Warba Bank

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