HUAWEI’s AppGallery: Designed to enhance user experience


Huawei’s AppGallery is the company’s official app platform and the third largest app marketplace in the world, and as a new player in the market, it demonstrates distinctive advantages: HUAWEI AppGallery has adopted a "glocal" strategy that combines the best attributes of globalized collaboration with those of localized business operations, singling out only quality apps to ensure an enriching user experience.

Aimed and Designed for all users
HUAWEI AppGallery offers boutique app experience, and adheres to the overarching "glocal" and "Security above all else" principles, selecting only quality apps and providing personalized recommendations that enrich users' life with global trends and information, as well as locally distinctive content and services. This spares users the headache of searching futilely amidst a sea of apps for the most suitable choice.

App platforms often packed full with a vast selection of apps, but lack screening or filtering, which can be confusing to users when they search for particular apps. Additionally, the increasing number of smart devices means developers need to account for different hardware, meaning app performance can be affected as well.

Having developed a wide range of smart consumer-facing electronics devices, Huawei is uniquely positioned to directly engage with users and address their demands with quality apps. Dedicated apps for stylus-equipped tablets, foldable phones and the App Multiplier feature work cohesively with devices, and bring about a more comfortable and interactive user experience.

HUAWEI AppGallery has been tailored to ensure that only premium services are accessible, encompassing globally distributed apps and locally popular content. It integrates a stringent app screening mechanism as well as an exclusive classification system that is applied on a global scale.

Globally, HUAWEI Video has secured over 140 million monthly active users (MAUs), and in-depth collaboration with global and regional partnerships and content partners so that users are free to browse a rich pool of content, which is global in scope but local in character, to enjoy immersive entertainment at any time.

While HUAWEI Music, aiming to enrich the lives of its listeners with the sounds they crave, has gathered tens of millions of tracks from leading music production companies .It is now available in over 100 countries and regions around the world, with more than 160 million MAUs.
*Note: All MAU data is as of the end of 2019.

End-to-End support for developers
Developers are equally important as users to any app platform. Huawei has recognized this and provides app developers with localized operation support, complete in Chinese, English and Russian, with Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese soon to follow. In fact, the "Shining-Star" program committed 1 billion USD in comprehensive assistance for the less downloaded, under-monetized apps, as well as quality local apps in innovative development, app publication, application integration and lifecycle end-to-end operation along with point-to-point technical assistance.

While The "Shining-Star" program is complemented by the all-new Huawei DigiX Labs initiative, where Huawei works closely with developers to fine-tune user experience in AppGallery. The Labs focus on innovation, testing, R&D and various services, in wide-ranging technological fields such as gaming, education, child care, financial services, quick apps, AR, VR and AI.

DigiX Labs play an important role in final device commissioning, development capability testing and tool experience fine-tuning, and have so far made it to eight global cities: Dublin, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Mexico City, Dubai, Johannesburg and Singapore.

HUAWEI Developer Day (HDD) events provide opportunities for both Huawei and app developers to discuss industry trends, new technologies and previous cases, so that outside developers can fully leverage the shared capabilities and services of Huawei's consumer business.

In 2019, 45 HDDs were held in 32 countries, with tens of thousands of developers participating in-person, resulting in 163% (yoy) more developers outside of China opting to design for the AppGallery platform. In the near future, HDD will continue to expand its footprint to cover Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Latin America etc., to share the unique benefits of AppGallery with interested developers around the world, and to build a seamless AI life.

HUAWEI AppGallery easily establishes itself as one of the top app marketplaces globally where users can enjoy a safer finer tuned experience.

HUAWEI’s AppGallery: Designed to enhance user experience

HUAWEI’s AppGallery: Designed to enhance user experience

HUAWEI’s AppGallery: Designed to enhance user experience

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