A Wholly Reconstructed Ecosystem, HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Bolstered by the Groundbreaking Seamless AI Life Strategy

As full-screen smartphones and slim, lightweight laptops have gained popularity, the tablet market has been squeezed from both directions. Tablet makers have had to rethink their approach, and buttress their products with new features that are more versatile, and provide for greater added value for users.

Huawei recently released the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, which packs a myriad of thrilling features, including Multi-screen Collaboration, Multi-Window and the new and improved HUAWEI APP Multiplier, further cementing Huawei's position in the resurgent tablet market.

Intelligent Multitasking with Multi-Screen Collaboration

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro offers new and unique interactive features. Multi-screen Collaboration is based on revolutionary distributed technology, and builds bridges between different devices to provide users with seamless, interconnected functionality. It is now possible to wirelessly connect and stream a smartphone with HUAWEI MatePad Pro and directly drag all sorts of files between the different devices, to facilitate soaring productivity at work, and in life.

A brand-new landscape experience with HUAWEI APP Multiplier

Users typically use tablets in landscape orientation, as opposed to with smartphones, which are generally held in portrait orientation. Most Android app developers have given priority to smartphones, and thus, the apps they have developed are more amenable for portrait orientation. As a result, tablet versions tend to appear merely as enlarged versions of the smartphone display, rather than being tailored with special attributes. The font styles and display proportion are rarely optimized for tablet users' benefit, and tablets have come to be regarded as mostly functional for streaming video, rather than all-purpose use. However, with the goal of providing users with a split screen solution, Huawei endowed the HUAWEI MatePad Pro with HUAWEI APP Multiplier, an innovative feature, utilizing the Android system, but altering to best fit a tablet interface. This enables a dual display for a single app, when the tablet is held in landscape mode.

HUAWEI APP Multiplier has been further enhanced on the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, the latest Huawei flagship tablet. Not only is it possible to view content from different layers of an app in separate windows, the size of each window can be adjusted as well, simply by dragging on the edge of the window. For instance, when some news app is open, you could shrink the window for the home screen, while expanding the display window for an article that catches your interest.

HUAWEI APP Multiplier fully leverages the vast 10.8-inch screen, effectively doubling the content that can be displayed, and facilitating greater efficiency, by saving users from the hassle of constantly switching screens. For example, you could chat with a customer service representative in one window, while searching for items to buy online shopping, in the other. Better yet, the powerful Kirin 990 chipset on the MatePad Pro, ensures that all on-screen operations run without a hitch.

A Wholly Reconstructed Ecosystem, HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Bolstered by the Groundbreaking Seamless AI Life Strategy

Multi-Window for better multi-tasking

Multi-Window allows for different apps to display in each window, enabling effortless cross-app collaboration. For example, when writing a business proposal, you could open the browser in one window to search for data or materials, while opening WPS in the other window, for direct copy and pasting.

Or if you needed to add visual features, you could open Gallery in one window, and simply drag pictures into the document with zero hassle. The efficiency-boosting capabilities unlocked by Multi-Window offer professionals, office workers, designers, and the creatively-minded, with a nifty new model for work in the digital age.

Also, get a floating window for a message reply without interrupting the on-going operation. A more convenient and immersive experience with split-screen.

A flawless ecosystem, with innovative tablet functions

Huawei has long been committed to improving user engagement in landscape mode, within the underlying Android system. This dedication to new modes of interaction, has borne fruit with single-app (HUAWEI APP Multiplier) and multi-app (Multi-Window) split screen tablet solutions, each of which is equipped to handle the diverse scenarios faced by today's user.

Huawei has also provided a HUAWEI APP Multiplier UIKit that empowers developers to tailor their apps for HUAWEI APP Multiplier, while sparing them the trouble of writing additional code. In optimizing the logic of displaying and switching between the two windows, Huawei has provided tablet users with better convenience and functionality.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G variant is powered by the 7nm Kirin 990 5G flagship chipset which supports 5G networks delivering a higher network speed, bigger bandwidth and lower latency, providing a revolutionary 5G experience.

Huawei's rise in the tablet market can largely be accredited to its meticulous study of user needs, dedicated investment in technological innovation, and willingness to embrace new solutions, via a precedent-breaking ecosystem. As the 5G IoT era dawns, the breakthroughs seen in the MatePad Pro, offer a glimpse at a tablet-centric lifestyle, characterized by carefree use, carefree work, and boundless convenience.

A Wholly Reconstructed Ecosystem, HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Bolstered by the Groundbreaking Seamless AI Life Strategy

A Wholly Reconstructed Ecosystem, HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Bolstered by the Groundbreaking Seamless AI Life Strategy

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