Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait Participates In "Earth Hour 2014" Initiative


Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait – Free Trade Zone" participated in the international initiative "Earth Hour 2014" aimed at drawing attention to the risks of Global Warming . Hotel staff switched off lights in all Hotel facilities for one hour, from 08:30pm till 09:30pm on 29th March. This is the third successive year that the Hotel participates in this initiative.

The participation is seen as part of the Environmental Awareness Program of "Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts", international hotel chain focusing on the importance of Environment continuity and saving power thus saving the Earth.

Hotel General Manager, Hassan Hassanein, announced: "Earth Hour is an international environmental event for individuals and companies alike to partake by switching off the lights and other electrical equipment for one hour on a given day. We aim at raising environmental awareness with all community individuals regarding climate change and its present and future impact to life on Earth. As we see it, this small act which we do during Earth Hour has a positive impact to bringing into view the level of environmental awareness we have managed to achieve."

Participants in the initiative encircled the huge fountain of the Hotel where they lighted candles and small lanterns to bring light into the darkness and captured some memorial photos. Food and beverage staff put candles in all Hotel restaurants from 08:30pm till 09:30pm so as to allow Hotel guests the opportunity to enjoy their dinner around soft lights of candles to celebrate this occasion also they enjoyed extravagant chocolate hour during Earth Hour

It is also important to note that Earth Hour initiative has been launched for the first time in 2007 in Sidney, Australia, when about 2.2 million people and more than 2 thousand companies have switched off their lights for a whole hour to express their attitude against climate change. Only one year later, Earth Hour has become a continued global movement where more than 50 million individuals throughout 35 countries have participated.

Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait Participates In "Earth Hour 2014" Initiative

Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait Participates In "Earth Hour 2014" Initiative

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