Kuwait Agro partners with &Ever to exclusively distribute &Ever Kuwait fresh greens and herbs

Kuwait Agro Co. has partnered with &ever, which has launched Kuwait’s first automated large-scale vertical farm. Under its &Ever Kuwait brand, the vertical farm cultivates a wide range of fresh leafy greens and herbs that are 100% pesticide-free, highly nutritious, and available all year round. The vertical farm is playing an active role in preserving the planet’s precious resources for future generations while transforming the global food production system to meet consumers’ evolving need for healthy and nutritious food for all. Given Kuwait Agro’s solid and reliable distribution capabilities, this partnership will enable &ever Kuwait to be efficiently distributed across all retail outlets throughout the country.

The Wafra-based farm can produce up to 550 kilograms of fresh greens and herbs a day. Using 90 percent less water, 60 percent less fertilizer, and zero pesticides, &ever produces greens that are more nutrient-dense and better for the environment. Most produce lose their nutritional value after being washed in chlorine, chilled, packed, stored in warehouses, and then sent by plane across thousands of kilometers to reach the consumer. With &ever’s highly innovative technology, they have made it possible to cultivate locally grown leafy greens, while cutting down on CO2 emissions that are associated with importing fresh produce from abroad. The greens are grown in an environment that can be controlled digitally, while tracking everything from seeding to harvesting, CO2 levels, temperature, and airflow.

This controlled environment leads to faster growth cycles, higher crop yield, and a “Farm to Fork” model, where Kuwait Agro will ensure daily freshness by delivering their produce from the farm to the shelf within two hours. This allows consumers to experience fresher, tastier, safer, and more nutritious products with a longer shelf life. No washing is required before consumption as no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in the growing process. &Ever hopes to build on the success of this partnership with Kuwait Agro by transforming the way greens and herbs are grown and consumed with their plans to build more sustainable farms throughout Africa and Asia.

Commenting on this venture, Makram Malaeb, Kuwait Agro CEO, said “being a producer of local exquisite Yasmin Farms products and a grower of selective fruits and vegetables, we highly believe in the need of local production for future sustainability. We are proud of this venture with &ever Kuwait.”

Faisal AlMeshal, Director at &Ever Kuwait, added, “After the success of launching &Ever’s first farm in the region, we are excited about enhancing our sales and distribution capabilities through this partnership with Kuwait Agro, a leading distributor of premium goods including fruits and vegetables. We cannot wait for our products to reach all our customers at their favorite grocery shopping destinations.”

&ever Kuwait’s leafy greens and herbs are available at all leading retailers such as The Sultan Center, Lulu Hypermarkets, City Center, Oncost, Carrefour, Saveco, and over 30 cooperatives.

Kuwait Agro partners with &Ever to exclusively distribute &Ever Kuwait fresh greens and herbs

Kuwait Agro partners with &Ever to exclusively distribute &Ever Kuwait fresh greens and herbs

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