Burgan Bank Hosts Interns from The Scientific Center of Kuwait at its Headquarters

As part of Burgan Bank’s ongoing support of Diraya campaign


Burgan Bank hosted a group of interns from The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK) at its headquarters, with the aim to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the banking and financial sector. This initiative falls under Burgan’s efforts towards spreading financial awareness among local youth and is part of the ongoing strategic partnership program with TSCK.

The 13 TSCK interns were given a guided tour of Burgan’s headquarters by a team from the Bank. During the tour, the interns were introduced to the Bank’s various departments, functions and services. The young interns also had the opportunity to learn about the Bank’s approach to delivering quality customer service, as well as the importance of protecting customers rights and spreading knowledge on the protection of personal and financial data, particularly in relation to using digital banking services.

This initiative is part of Burgan’s efforts to support the financial awareness campaign Diraya, launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) to shed light on customer rights and spread banking awareness. The campaign aims at educating the public more about various key financial and banking matters, including loans, financing, bank cards, customer rights, as well as the rights of people with disabilities in the banking sector. It also seeks to disseminate information and advice on cybersecurity and banking safety, as well as the complaints filing procedures.

Ms. Hessa Al Najadah, Public Relations Manager at Burgan Bank, commented about this event saying: “Burgan Bank continues to support Diraya, as part of its social responsibility program. By organizing this visit for the students participating in TSCK’s summer internship program, we confirm the special attention we pay towards investing in young Kuwaiti talents and the strategic interest of the Bank in increasing financial awareness among its customers and the public in general. This is particularly important with the increasing use of the digital banking channels and the fast development of digitization with the acceleration of the Bank’s digital transformation. Digitization demands that we deliver community-wide awareness campaigns, targeting the youth in particular as they are the segment currently living at the apex of digital developments. Therefore, we focus on helping young people maximize the value they get from all banking services available to them, without compromising their security or financial rights.”

“We are also very happy with our ongoing partnership with TSCK, which has allowed us to share our expertise and banking experience with young interns. This experience has helped the interns learn about the inner workings of a financial institution in a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that can offer them many promising future career prospects,” added Al Najadah.

Khaled Al-Ramly, Marketing and Communications Department Manager at TSCK, also commented regarding the interns’ visit to Burgan’s headquarters saying: “Since the launch of the “Be a Science Communicator” program, both TSCK and Burgan Bank focused on leveraging their respective fields of leadership and expertise to design and deliver training courses in various fields, with the aim of providing interns with a comprehensive view of the latest developments across different sectors.”

“We are determined to play our part in developing the skills of Kuwaiti youth, as Kuwait’s sustainable development and the establishment of a knowledge-based economy depends on the younger generation. We are fully prepared to provide opportunities to prepare these future leaders of change and help them overcome any potential obstacles in their way to build a better future for our beloved country”, concluded Al-Ramly.

Burgan Bank’s partnership with TSCK underpins the Bank’s commitment to its holistic and inclusive sustainability strategy that reflects its dedication to supporting all the major matters affecting the community’s welfare. It also stresses Burgan’s keenness to continue developing its various social responsibility programs by sustaining impactful collaborations with organizations acting for the same goal of promoting continuous learning opportunities as well as awareness, knowledge and capacity building among the younger generations in particular to prepare the future leaders of change and the driving force of prosperity and sustainable development.

Burgan Bank Hosts Interns from The Scientific Center of Kuwait at its Headquarters

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