Al Sayer Participation in "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"

Al Sayer Participation in  "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"
Mohamed Naser Al -Sayer & Sons Company, a subsidiary of Al-Sayer Group Holding, was honored with a prestigious trophy during its participation in the "Intellectual Property and Economical Development" conference organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al Madaaj, and in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Cooperation Council for the Arabian Gulf States and Intellectual Property Training Center of Cooperation Council and the Faculty of Law at the University of Kuwait, from 30 - 31 March 2014 .

This comes in line with Al-Sayer Group Holding’s commitment to the efforts made by the government in the enactment of laws and regulations that would maintain the economical development of the State of Kuwait and ways to protect it from the risks arising from trademark counterfeiting and educating the consumers of the harms of such counterfeited trademarks , by participating in this exhibition of genuine and counterfeited spare parts in a working sheet under the title “The role of Private Sector Organizations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry in dealing with Counterfeit Trademarks and the Damages Resulting from the Infringement on Genuine Trademarks”.

Al Sayer Participation in  "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"

Engineer Mohamed Hassein, Manager of the Technical Training Service in Al-Sayer Group Holding, said: "The spread of counterfeit parts in the world has become a growing problem that threatens the manufacturers, sellers and consumers alike. The perpetrators of these illegal activities has become more professional, they use packaging materials and posters to conceal being absolutely counterfeit, or change it slightly so that the average consumer can’t distinguish it because of the difficulty of discovering these differences in any pieces. In addition to pricing, counterfeited products are relatively less of the genuine spare parts and sold to its consumers as a genuine product imported from other countries at a lower price, than that sold by the local distributor. In order to market their products and deceive consumers so they might think they are buying absolutely original products and convince consumers that the counterfeited goods ((an ideal solution to counter the monopoly of agents of high price original parts)) fit their purchasing abilities, accompanies by countries pursuit to facilitate trade movement and flow of goods.

He also highlighted the important role of patent in supporting the scientific and technological progress and the spirit of innovation in improving the means of use, production and all public means of humankind. Discovering an invention often costs a great effort and huge financials to make researches, tests and vigorous friction with the practical life of the means of usage and others.

Al Sayer Participation in  "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"

Without the incentives provided by patents and protection of investments spent by these companies, the private sector will not be able to invest so much money in the discovery and development of products and services. Such companies are forced to reduce the budgets of research and development of products due to lower profits resulted from counterfeit activities and stealing their ideas, thus depriving the consumer from getting more developed products due to the low-level products and services provided by the companies. As a result of lower sales and profits due to the loss of market share, the impact has also reflected on the general economy in the loss of revenue by damaging these industries and employment rates. On the other side, most consumers are mislead to buy poor quality products that may cause serious risks to their health and safety.

Engineer Mohamed Hassein, further added “As a giant car maker, Toyota acts with a full sense of responsibility towards perfection and safety assurance of passengers. It also believes that improving the levels of safety and perfection requires them not to surrender to the existing technology, but initiate the innovation and non-stop creativity to develop new solutions either by its own efforts or in cooperation with other companies and organizations known for their creativeness and eagerness to develop safety and security mechanisms. A result of such researches is reducing the number of deaths in accidents compared to the total number of accidents according to global statistics.”

Al Sayer Participation in  "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"

He also spoke about the commitment of Al-Sayer Group Holding to its social responsibility, which held over the years many awareness seminars for many government bodies in during which they provided important information about modern technology used in our products and guidance regarding safety standards applicable to such products and awareness of safety and security. In addition to the direct cooperation with governmental regulatory bodies and customs and provide them with censorship tools to help them complete their duties in the best way. For example creating a webpage showing the differences between genuine spare parts and counterfeit spare parts and provide the General Administration of Customs in Kuwait with Hologram glasses, which shows the difference between genuine and counterfeit parts.

Al-Sayer Group Holding cares about the safety of consumers and society in general. Counterfeit spare parts are cheap alternatives that are usually made of non-standard materials and specifications that cannot hold up over time and cannot bear the difficult climatic conditions where the car exists in. Al Sayer is also very keen to provide the consumers with genuine parts because they have been carefully tested. All genuine spare parts are manufactured with the same rigorous standards, which the vehicles are made of, it is also designed specifically to fit each model, which means that every piece will perfectly fit and meet the high quality standards of a consumer’s car. In addition to using only genuine spare parts and install it by specialists and qualified technicians in order to ensure that the car will stay in a good condition and ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and road users.

Al Sayer Participation in  "Intellectual Property and Economic Development"

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