Kuwait Club Wins Roads' Race for Athletics

Kuwait Club came first in general competitions of the first day of the tournament OF roads' race for athletics, organized by Kuwait Athletics Federation.

Al-Qadsia came first in the juniors' competition, held along the road adjacent to the International Jaber Stadium, ahead of Kazma while Al-Sahel ranked third.

In the individuals' category, Sumeiman Abbas from Kuwait Club was crowned as champion, follwed by his fellow athlete Abdulrahman Abbas while Omar Ayyad came third.

Khaitan's player, Fares Ali, won the individuals' race for juniors, followed by Suweid Abdlulah from Al-Sahel. And third Came Faraj Mubarak of Al-Qadsia.

Chairman of the federation, Seyar Al-Enezi, said in a statement that the competitions displayed the athletes' good preparedness.

This tournament that signaled inauguration of the local sports season for the federation (2021-2022), along with the subsequent federation championships, are quite significant because they prepare the players for the third Gulf games due in the country in January.

Kuwait Club Wins Roads' Race for Athletics

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