IKEA Kuwait welcomes their customers to the third IKEA store in the heart of the city, Assima Mall


IKEA’s new store at the heart of the city, Assima Mall
IKEA’s new store at the heart of the city, Assima Mall

IKEA launches the third customer meeting place, the New IKEA Shop, in the heart of the city, at The Assima Mall, after 37 years with only two stores in Kuwait.

One of which opened last year during the coronavirus crisis and even with all the negative repercussions that were added, the store achieved many positive feedback.

IKEA Kuwait CEO Marino Maganto said “We reduced the prices of our products in the shadow of the crisis to reach the largest number of fans of the brand.”

He proceeded by talking about his vision for the new IKEA store, saying: “We have created this IKEA Shop to deliver a new IKEA experience for everyone. We have listened to our customers’ feedback, conducted consumer research and home visits to understand deeply what the needs and dreams of the people in Kuwait are. Whatever their background, whatever their needs, whatever their lifestyle, whatever their wallet, and whatever challenges they have to overcome in their everyday lives at home, IKEA Shop at The Assima Mall is there for them and their whole family.”

The New IKEA store will be the new hotspot soon, with its easy purchasing system you can now scan the QR codes of any item in the IKEA store in Assima Mall and it will be automatically added to your shopping cart on IKEA’s Website, and you can receive it on the spot in the store or have it delivered to you to your doorsteps within the matter of hours.

Not only that but with the new IKEA Café, you can sit back and relax and enjoy a hot cup of your favorite beverage while reading IKEA’s newsletter or maybe you got tired of looking around the shop, so now you can take a break in the IKEA Café.

The Assima Mall's IKEA Store promises to be a completely different shopping experience. The store is dedicated to getting even closer to its clients and getting them enthused about the notion of living and how they may engage with their living area.

From the most enticing play places for youngsters to pleasant green nooks of the IKEA Cafe where you can idle away the hours, tailor-built closets to fit your lifestyle, dining rooms that will have you inviting all your friends over for enormous dinner parties, every place has been designed to allow you to live your best life!

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