A Celebration of Local Jewelry Talents "It’s Kuwaiti"

The Trafalgar Luxury Group has launched a new programme called "It's Kuwaiti," which will assist local talent in Kuwait who are working in the jewellery industry. As it continues to extend its huge array of concepts to now include rising Kuwaiti jewellery designers, the firm is happy to announce the partnership with indigenous businesses.

The organisation is proud of its commitment to help small local companies by providing them with a platform to display their work, exhibit craftsmanship, and tell their stories. The Trafalgar Luxury Group, which is committed to the community and its future, hopes to make a difference by assisting locally owned firms in showcasing their creations, encouraging budding entrepreneurs to improve their craft, and assisting them in expanding their business.

“IT’S KUWAITI”, A Glittering Evening Celebrating Local Jewelry Designers The Carats, Thhaba, Fida Al Awadhi ND SE Jewels at Trafalgar 360 Kuwait
“IT’S KUWAITI”, A Glittering Evening Celebrating Local Jewelry Designers The Carats, Thhaba, Fida Al Awadhi ND SE Jewels at Trafalgar 360 Kuwait

Kuwaiti jewellery brands such as The Carats, Thhaba, and Intisars embody the values of fellow community members as well as represent their dreams and ambitions – and as small businesses are an important part of the industry, they are considered to be at the heart of merchantry for handmade craftsmanship and jewellery artistry. In Kuwait, the Carats, Thhaba, and Intisars are offered at several Trafalgar locations.

"We believe in promoting indigenous talent, which is plenty in Kuwait. We are honoured to collaborate with Kuwaiti businesses and excellent jewellery designers, as well as to contribute to the growth of our artistic community." — Amer Al Ansari, Trafalgar Luxury Group's Managing Partner.


Homegrown Kuwaiti brand The Carats joined the world of luxury and jewellery with contemporary designs and floral themes showing great workmanship and delicate elegance for daily modern jewellery, inspired by the beauty of flowers and the enchanting hues of Mother Nature.

The brand's designs are concentrated on curves, layers, petals, and the captivating hues of flowers, at the core of all its creations, and are designed in 18k gold to signify femininity. The Carats' designs are showcased in two primary collections.


Thhaba is a fine jewellery business formed by Abrar Alebrahim, an architect and artist, in Kuwait in 2011. Thhaba is a celebration of a voyage of discovery and adventure in the realm of natural gems and precious metals, with influences from architecture, literature, nature, and travel.

The designs, which are only available in limited quantities, pay homage to rare gemstones and diamond forms and cuts to reflect the strong, the daring, and the adventurous. Thhaba also enjoys creating customised designs for customers, one-of-a-kind items that represent their distinct personalities and convey their originality.


Sé Jewels is enamoured by precious stones' magical power and unique meaning. Sé Jewels was formed by Mahnaz Daneshyar, Yalda Golsharifi, and Karim Golsharifi with the goal of illuminating women by reminding them of their great power. Every work has a story and a goal, inspired by the three partners' Persian roots.

These stories live on via the brand's customers, reminding them of their inherent worth. The number three was regarded as the perfect number, the number of harmony, knowledge, and understanding, therefore Sé, which means three in Farsi, was selected to highlight the three partners. It was also a numerical representation of time – past, present, and future; birth, life, and death; beginning, middle, and end.

The Carats, Thhaba Jewelry, and Sé Jewels are available at Trafalgar in 360 Kuwait and on www.itsluxury.com.

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