Majbous Delivery from Freej Swaileh


Lately, we tried the delivery service of Freej Swaileh and ordered the two kinds of Majbous, both meat and chicken Majbous and the experience was quite good in general.

Majbous Delivery from Freej Swaileh

The Majbous was so delicious and the portions were very generous. The price of meat Majbous is 3.250 K.D and the chicken Majbous price is 1.750 K.D.

But ... the problem is that the delivery takes a lot of time whereby we had to wait for more than one hour and a half before the food arrived. This is the only significant negative point.

The photo above is a Majbous dish served in Freej Swaileh restaurant but as for the delivery, the Majbous is served in a plastic pack along with pepper, red sauce and other additions.

We advice traditional Kuwaiti food lovers to try Freej Swaileh. For delivery, call 25755991.

Majbous Delivery from Freej Swaileh

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