The new fashionable HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 now available in Kuwait

It boasts a 1.74-inch HUAWEI FullView Display, Bluetooth calling, 10 days battery life and more

Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) launched the new HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 in Kuwait, the latest addition to its fashionable WATCH FIT series.

Originally launched in 2020, the series encourages users to explore new types of exercise through a range of animated fitness courses, workout modes and scientific health tracking features. With its lightweight feel and sleek design, it ushered in a new era of smartwatch, challenging users to scale up their fitness with a device that is as fashionable as it is useful.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 takes this perfect combination of fashionable flawless form and exceptional function to a whole new level. It is compatible with Huawei devices as well as other Android and iOS devices. The smartwatch is available in two Editions – Active Edition and Classic Edition. Huawei’s latest smartwatch is available for purchase in Kuwait starting from KWD 46.900 on Huawei’s official website and select retailers.

With its 1.74-inch HUAWEI FullView Display, it inherits the stylish DNA of the original HUAWEI WATCH FIT. Unlike previous iterations, HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 comes with a speaker, making it easy for users to accept calls via Bluetooth without even having to pick up their smartphone. The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also comes with a durable 10-day long battery life for a hassle-free and uninterrupted experience.

The fitness animation and audio coach have been upgraded, while a host of health functions – monitoring everything from heart rate, to blood oxygen, to sleep – help users effortlessly keep track of their health every day.

Fashion on your wrist: a Stylish design with a large 1.74-inch HUAWEI FullView Display
The design is smoother and sleeker than ever, feeling feather-light and comfortable on the wrist. The 1.74-inch display is 18.6% larger than the previous iteration, with 336 PPI and 336 x 480-pixel resolution providing rich and vivid colours, so it is easy to take in every detail at a glance.

The display also features Huawei’s new chessboard design, which allows users to zoom in and out, effortlessly and intuitively. Each edition of the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 comes with a unique choice of colours. HUAWEI WATCH FIT Active Edition continues the design of the previous generation, in Sakura Pink, Isle Blue, and Midnight Black; while the new HUAWEI WATCH FIT Classic Edition comes in Nebula Gray and Moon White. Users can choose straps in soft and comfortable silicone, or elegant leather, in different colours and styles. A press-to-release design makes them seamless to remove, so users can easily swap their strap to suit their mood or their outfit. The device also supports the one-hop watch face, allowing users to transfer images from their smartphone to the smartwatch with a simple tap.

A smartwatch to elevate everyday smart living
HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 now comes with a speaker, in addition to the microphone. Calls can be pushed from users’ smartphone to their smartwatch via Bluetooth, so they can chat on the go, wherever they are. They can also add frequently used contacts in the HUAWEI Health App, to make it easy to call loved ones. If users are not available to answer the phone, they can quickly reply in the form of a short message with one tap. The reply can be customised in the HUAWEI Health App, allowing users to always stay online and not miss anything important. Users can also reply quickly to messages via instant messaging apps from the watch itself.

Durable 10-day long lasting battery
To ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted experience, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 features fast charging technology. With a 5-minute charge, the smartwatch can be used for 24 hours. Under typical usage scenario, the smartwatch can be used for 10 days, and 7 days in heavy usage scenarios.

Technology for Healthy Living Management
Other than smart living, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also offer new features, including the HUAWEI Health app, to make exercise management and health monitoring easy.

The smartwatch also tracks a range of health data, with Huawei’s upgraded HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0 heart rate monitoring technology accurately measuring users’ BPM and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2); and the ability to track sleep patterns. The smartwatch can analyse the different stages of each night’s sleep, and identify a range of different sleep problems and offer solutions.

The Huawei Health App has a range of other ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. Users can use the Healthy Living Management, to create a unique wellness plan, including daily steps, water intake, workouts and more; which the app reminds them of every day, offering positive feedback to keep users feeling good about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is even a stand-up reminder with audio and animation, to help users remember to stay active throughout their day.

The advanced health management helps users stay on top of both their physical and mental wellbeing, while the intuitive interface, smartphone-like features, and interconnectivity make it the essential smart personal assistant to wear on your wrist.

Boost your exercises with your favourite music
The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 supports offline music playback. You can play music directly from your smartwatch while working out and use an exclusive BGM (Back Ground Music) while running. You can also manage music playback through mobile apps, match different playlists to different sports, and enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

Brand new workout modes to get the most out of your exercises
The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 is packed with intelligent features specifically designed to help users work out anytime, anywhere; including 97 workout modes for everything from running and cycling, to weight training, dancing, ball games, winter sports and more. There’s also a built-in animated fitness coach for 7 selected modes, offering easy-to-follow audio instructions and demonstrations – including warm-up and cool down – making it easy users to fit their workouts into their lives and track their progress as they go.

Runners especially will love the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2. It features Huawei’s Running Ability Index (RAI), which analyses a user’s height, age, weight, fitness and running experience to create a comprehensive training plan.

The dual-band, five-system GNSS is also great news for runners, as it increases the accuracy of motion trajectory. Sports Field mode tracks mileage and pace more precisely, while the new Route Import and Export function allows users to import their route into the smartwatch through the HUAWEI Health app. Users can also share their routes with friends and invite them to join in, helping to keep running fun – or more competitive.

The new fashionable HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 now available in Kuwait

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