List of Taxi Numbers in Lebanon

If you are looking for a taxi in Lebanon and specifically in Beirut, here is a list of taxi numbers:

First Taxi: Hazmieh
Number: 05955661

Alo Taxi: Kantari - Beirut
Number: 01366661

Charlie Taxi: Furn al Shebak - Beirut
Number: 01285710

Family Taxi: Achrafieh - Beirut
Number: 01330037

Sign Taxi: Jounieh - Keserwan
Number: 03646314

Top Taxi: Antelias - El Metn
Number: 04713729

Lebanon Taxi: Hamra - Beirut
Number: 01353153

Maatouk Taxi: Hamra - Beirut
Number: 01750235

Premiere Taxi: Sami Al Solh - Beirut
Number: 01389222

Grace Taxi: Achrafieh - Beirut
Number: 01332747

Trust Taxi: Mansourieh - El Metn
Number: 03601806

List of Taxi Numbers in Lebanon

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