Lebanese Typical Breakfast Food Options


Breakfast in Lebanon is a combination between yummy food options and warms feelings of love felt through the gathering of all family members around one table.

If you are abroad and you are planning to visit Lebanon, the first thing you will want to do for sure is to wake up and enjoy a traditional fresh Lebanese breakfast with your family.

Who doesn't like that and dream of it when away from home?

As for the Lebanese breakfast food options, they are many, so fresh and so healthy.

A typical Lebanese breakfast consists of Manakish especially cheese and Zaatar, Labneh, Foul, Msabbaha, Eggs, cheese like Halloum, olives and olive oil, a big variety of vegetables and fresh warm round Lebanese bread.

Take a look at a typical Lebanese breakfast.

Lebanese Typical Breakfast Food Options

Photo Credit: Claude Ghannam

Lebanese Typical Breakfast Food Options