Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy Shared Disappointment After Miss Universe


Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy posted a shocking post regarding her participation in Miss Universe 2018 and she had some blames to share regarding the fact that she didn't make it to the Top 20 despite all the expectations and predictions.

Below is what Maya Reaidy posted on her Official Instagram Account, we don't know if things were really unfair with Maya and promises weren't fulfilled or it's just that it's a competition and other girls performed better than Maya and were luckily able to progress through the competition.

"Competing at the Miss Universe Competition @missuniverse has been one of the most exciting and empowering phases in my life. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the Miss Universe organization from Mrs Paula Shugart @realpaulashugart to every single chaperone and security for this once in a lifetime unforgettable experience.

I have gotten so much positive feedback from not only the organization itself, insider people and the girls who supported me and made me feel like it wasn’t a competition, and MOST importantly from my whole country and the world had my back with top 5 predictions and support all the way. My absence in even the top 20 was a turning point and a shock to all these people including myself . (Talk about element of surprise) I am not sad or shocked for myself AT All because I know I put my heart and soul into every part and step of this competition, with people giving the best feedback and comments and rooting for me, I am disappointed mostly that because of certain people who landed very late, (to Bangkok) (were supposed to be there earlier) people who are my backbone in this competition; their last minute presence (literally, the night before the competition) caused a twisted turning point that I have no knowledge of the exact details yet...)(Hopefully my national director @rimafakih will have a say to respond to all that happened, to have answers and provide the truth.)

I am very thankful for all the people specially my parents and friends and Carlos @carlosaboufayssal who made this experience a reality. While other people put their own benefits and interests first and more importantly before the countries name. To throw it all away because of unprofessionalism, & lack of consistency is very disappointing and shameful again I am not talking about personal goals and dreams but about the fame and honor my country Lebanon deserves. Because really B7ebak ya Lebnein.

I hope next years contestant will have a fair journey that will allow her to carry our great countries’ name, for her to satisfy all her fans; and support system and carry Lebanon’s name all the way."

Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy Shared Disappointment After Miss Universe

Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy Shared Disappointment After Miss Universe