Brief History About Spinneys Supermarket


Spinneys was first established in 1924 by Arthur Spinneys in the suburbs of Alexandria Egypt, to sell high quality fresh produce, grocery, and baked goods at a fair price and in a fresh and friendly shopping environment.

Before 1960 Spinneys grew into a chain and succeeded in opening additional retail outlets in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan and supplying food for petrol exploration teams across the Gulf region.

Spinneys opened its doors to the Lebanese public in 1948 in the old Beirut Souks followed by stores in Raouche, Verdun and Jnah in the 1970's, but unfortunately the stores closed due to the civil war at that time.

Thirty years later, Spinneys pioneered the concept of a hypermarket in Lebanon and re-opened its doors in 1998 through a big store in Dbayeh followed by 17 outlets .

In 2014 Spinneys launched its Discount Stores concept Happy in Lebanon with 3 stores located in Hazmieh, Zouk Mosbeh and Choueifat.

Brief History About Spinneys Supermarket

Brief History About Spinneys Supermarket

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