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Concord is a Lebanese multinational home and commercial appliances company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon. Concord designs, develops, markets, and distributes white good products as well as electronics.

Its distribution network includes more than 50 countries and 1000 points of sale mainly located in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. The Concord brand name has become synonymous with quality in every country in which it operates. We are considered one of the deep rooted engineering companies that have shaped the progress of the white goods market.

Concord is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international group Lematic SAL which has been operating in the Middle East for more than 50 years.

Concord was founded by Mohamad Ihsan Al Hafez in 1965, initially, as a specialized manufacturer of household refrigerators and later became the regional pioneer of the Nofrost cooling system. The rapid growth of Concord led it to expand from a humble workshop setting into a major international brand that is present in most home appliance segments. Today, Concord operates several worldwide factories, is the source of income to more than 8000 individuals, and has annual refrigerator sales that exceed half a million units.

Furthermore, Concord handles the distribution channels of numerous premium European brands in several countries in the Middle East. These brands include Fagor, Candy, and Elba.

In addition, aside from our distribution networks, we operate dedicated showrooms in Lebanon.