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 Hawa Chicken Restaurant - Maameltein Branch - Lebanon

About Hawa Chicken Restaurant Maameltein Branch

Founded in 1957, Hawa Chicken is a Lebanese poultry company offering high-quality poultry and eggs. We are a fully integrated company, allowing us to give you superior poultry, straight from our farms to your table.

We strive to provide customers with a high quality product, along with an unequaled commitment to service. Every day we to aim to give you the confidence that our entire staff is preparing each order with consistent quality and delivering it in a timely manner.

At Hawa, we only use the best poultry breeds that allow us to provide you with delicious, tender chicken. Because your satisfaction comes first, our team includes veterinarians, agronomists, and food technology specialists and we use the latest poultry-production technology.

Mission and Vision

We aspire to make Hawa Chicken the Middle East premier poultry produce and distributive company.

The Company practices continuous improvement at all its levels by adopting the newest technologies and applying up-to-date standards.

We focus on providing healthy, high quality and value added products to the customers.

Our main concern is to act in a socially responsible way by preserving the environment to create sustainable value as well as being responsible toward the society, thereby enhancing the economic well being and quality of life for all stakeholders mainly our employees and the community as whole.

We are committed to work with care, honesty and fairness

At Hawa Chicken we work towards:
- Always providing the best and safest product.
- Providing our customers with a superior level of customer service.
- Offering products that appeal to both Lebanese and foreign customers.

As a company we are committed to making a difference in our communities. We take an active role in supporting various community initiatives including the building of religious centers and financially supporting orphanages, retirement homes, and drug rehabilitation centers. We also take pride in financing the education of our employees' children.