Living Spirit – Shaping Space for Your Better Life

Living Spirit – Shaping Space for Your Better Life

As unique as each person is, so unique should be the space for his or her comfortable life. A quality interior combines science and art, not only to provide convenience for residents and aesthetic appeal but also to reflect the interests and lifestyle of the owners and to have a beneficial effect on their wellbeing. To succeed in their field, professionals must be impeccable technically (in-depth knowledge of materials, colors, profile software) and able to listen to and understand the needs of clients. The combination of all these qualities brought the Living Spirit team worldwide recognition and the status of Multi-Award Winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the categories of The Best Luxury Interior Design Studios in Qatar and The Best Luxury Residential Interior Designs in Qatar.

Living Spirit is a Qatar-based Interior Design and Furnishing company with a branch in Lebanon. The firm was founded in 2004, and for the past 17 years, a team of professional interior designers, architects, craftsmen, and contractors has been creating premium design projects for an elite clientele. The company's vision is to provide the best living conditions for many people, offering simple and effective solutions to create high-quality design and functionality.

The company has established itself as an impeccable performer, developing luxurious interior designs for clients in Qatar, Lebanon, Ukraine, as well as in some Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf countries. High achievements of Living Spirit are the result not only of high professionalism of the whole team but also of close communication and cooperation with each client, understanding their needs and striving to bring them to life.

"We are happy to be the multi-winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and we are grateful to the experts and our clients for this high appreciation of our work. We are sure that this achievement will open new opportunities for us, and we will be able to shape comfortable spaces for a large number of people in Qatar and beyond," said Mrs. Reem Massoud - Head of Interior Design.

Living Spirit is the official agent of some furniture brands in Doha. Along with the products of foreign brands, the company offers finished products of its own making in the furniture showroom next to its office.

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Living Spirit – Shaping Space for Your Better Life

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