People are overflowing with excitement at Riyadh Toy Festival

A band playing music at Riyadh Toy Festival
A band playing music at Riyadh Toy Festival

Who said toys are only for kids? They are for every age group.

Of course, I don’t mean by toys only stuffed animals, I mean video games and board games, regardless of whether you're into stuffed animals, video games or board games chances are you’ll find them at Riyadh Toy Festival.

Riyadh Toy Festival, the largest entertainment festival for games in the world, attracting the most important and largest entertainment activities in one place over ten days in a row.

The world's largest toy festival has recently started in Saudi Arabia as part of the cultural spectacle that is Riyadh Season. The Riyadh Toy Festival covers the all-encompassing theme "Explore, Play, and Shop."

Riyadh Toy Festival is a ten-day event that began on November 12 and will end on November 21, with the goal of bringing joy to the capital for not only children but also teenagers and adults.

The festival's main goal is to show off fresh new games, such as the must-have gadgets and games for this winter and next year.

The festival will include 19 multinational companies, including Disney, Mattel Games, Hasbro, Toy Pro, Moonbug Entertainment, MGA Games, and Pocket watch, who have all released over 500 new games for the first time. And like any other event, Its never only about the shopping, It’s about the experience and interactions

Also there are many restaurants that will open in the festival, So you don’t have to worry if you spent the whole day there.

Make a day of it since the Riyadh Toy Festival claims to be the world's largest toy festival, so if you're a parent bringing the kids, you can be assured that they'll be entertained.

Brands from all over the globe will be descending to Riyadh Front Zone, providing you the unique opportunity to play with new toys before the rest of the world.

This is one-of-a-kind experiences and It's only one of the exciting events that you can visit during Riyad’s Season. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely check it out.

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