When was the last time you lost something?

When was the last time you lost something?

According to a recent study, we spend about ten minutes a day looking for lost things.

Over an average lifetime, this adds up to an incredible 3,680 hours.

The study of 3,000 adults was carried out by home insurance companies.

They found that mobile phones and car keys were the most frequently lost items because they are mostly taken outdoors.

Other things on the list included: umbrellas, bank cards, train or bus tickets hats, laptops, watches, socks, jewelry (particularly rings and earrings, shoes, and tables.

They also found out that very old people lose things more than young.

So, what's going on?

When was the last time you lost something?

Most blame it on a tiring lifestyle.

Others say it's the fault of family members or children for not putting things back where they belong.

A few admitted to untidiness, absent mindedness and poor memory, with more than half wishing they were organized.

What’s the solution of this serious problem?

You need to choose a fixed place for something and always put it back there and you need to make sure everyone else in the house knows where to put it back too.

You also need to keep your house tidy, label boxes clearly and put them in a special place near the front door for all the items that you need in the morning.

A good idea would be to have a shelf there with a bowl for your keys, purse, wallet and anything else.

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