Brief about History of Television throughout the past years

John Baird made the first TV in 1925. It had one colour. It could only show 30 lines. It didn't work well. But it was just a start.

The first TV station was set up in 1928. It was in New York. Few people had TVs. The broadcasts were not meant to be watched.

By the end of 1930, TVs were working well.

America participated in the 1939 World's Fair. This was one of the biggest events ever. There were 200 small black and white TVs set up around the fair.

The US President gave a speech over the TVs.

Unfortunately, World War II was going on during this time. Factories were busy making guns and bombs. When the war was over, TV spread across the country.

By 1948, there were 4 big TV networks in America. They presented their programmes from 8 to 11 each night. Local shows were aired at other times. TV was not "always on" like it is now.

Colour TVs came out in 1953. They cost too much money for most. Also, shows were aired in black and white. By 1965, colour TVs were cheaper. TV stations started airing shows in colour.

Now, most TVs have systems for showing very clear pictures and producing very clear sound. TVs have come a long way since Baird's TV set.

Brief about History of Television throughout the past years

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